Rutschblock Test

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  1. R1
    – slides during digging or cutting the block
  2. R2
    slides during approach (climbing up the slope above the block) or stepping gently onto it.
  3. R3
    slides during knee bend
  4. R4
    slides during first jump
  5. R5
    slides during second jump
  6. R6
    slides during move to middle of block, deep knee bend and 3 jumps
  7. R7 – does not slide
    – does not slide
  8. If the block fails before step R5
    the snow is showing signs of instability
  9. STEP 1.
    Make sure your snow pit (described above) is at least as wide as your skis.
  10. STEP 2
    Use a snow saw to cut the sides of the block up the slope about a ski pole length.
  11. STEP 3
    The critical step: Cut across the entire back of the block as deeply as possible (should be as deep as the front). This is also most easily done using a snow saw.
  12. STEP 4
    Notice at which point the block breaks and a layer slides off:
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Avalanche Safety Test using the Rutschblock method
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