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  1. talk to sb about sth many times, usually to complain about what they have or have not done
    keep on at sb
  2. talk to sb as if they were less clever than you
    talk down to sb
  3. try to make people believe that sth is not very important or is unlikely to happen
    play down sth or play sth down
  4. make sb give you exact details or a dicision about sth
    pin down sb or pin sb down
  5. talk to sb about sth they have said or done that has made you angry in order to improve the situation
    have it out with sb
  6. tell sb something that is not true in order to make a joke or to annoy them
    wind up sb or wind sb up
  7. talk about a subject as if you know more that everyone else or to complain a lot about sth
    mouth off
  8. not tell sb about sth
    keep sth from sb
  9. stop talking or making a noise, or make someone else do this
    shut (sb) up
  10. start to talk more about yourself and your feelings
    open up
  11. talk very honestly about what was making you unhappy
    pour out
  12. not do sth that you promised you would do
    go back on
  13. tell sb about sth that was supposed to be a secret
    let on
  14. long and emotional expression of what you are feeling
  15. admit to having done sth wrong
    own up (to)
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