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  1. What is the vision of the CHP
    The CHP will continue to be seen as "a recognized leader in law enforcement and emergency incident management" that provides indispensable service to the public
  2. How will Executive Management achieve this vision?
    By developing strategic action plans to address seven key issues
  3. What are the seven key issues of the vision?
    • Traffic safety and management
    • Emergency response
    • Service delivery
    • State security
    • Public relations
    • Professional values
    • Leadership development
  4. Traffic safety and management
    The CHP is dedicated to saving lives through the safe and efficient use of the highway transportation system
  5. Emergency response
    The CHP continuously pursues excellence in emergency preparedness, response, and incident management
  6. Service delivery
    The CHP is committed to quality service
  7. State security
    The CHP is committed to providing security for the public and protecting state assets and infrastructure
  8. Public relations
    The CHP proactively establishes effective community relationships and partnerships to educate and improve our services
  9. Professional values
    The CHP promotes ethical practices through CHP PRIDE (courage, honesty, professionalism, principles, respect, integrity, dedication and esprit de corps)
  10. Leadership development
    The CHP empowers and facilitates leadership at all levels through coaching, mentoring, modeling and succession planning to the public
  11. What are the tenants of the badge?
    • Character
    • Integrity
    • Knowledge
    • Judgment
    • Honor
    • Loyalty
    • Courtesy
  12. What are the management philosophies?
    • Public Responsibility
    • Leadership and Innovation
    • Organizational Development
    • Personnel Development
    • Command Accountability
  13. What are the Organizational Values?
    • Respect for others
    • Fairness
    • Ethical practices
    • Equitable treatment for all
  14. What are the overriding themes of the Vision Statement?
    • - Provide indespensible Safety, Security and Service to the public
    • - Persevere through adversity
    • - Enhance the essential link between nonuniformed and uniformed employees and promote their well-being
    • - Develop future leaders through coaching, mentoring and succession planning
    • - Manage departmental risks to strengthen public trust
    • - Reaffirm our vision statement
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