Vocab 1

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  1. 1. Myth
    A story that matters, often passed down, reused, recycled
  2. 2. Symbol
    A thing that points to something else.
  3. 3. Allegory
    Characters and places are symbols that stand for something else.
  4. 4. Archetype
    The original pattern that is copied by others.
  5. 5. Rhetoric
    Art of persuasion
  6. 6. Ethos
  7. 7. Pathos
  8. 8. Logos
  9. 9. Quest
    All quests consist of 5 things: a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges and trials, a real reason to go there.
  10. 10. Cronos
    Chronological, thine moving and consuming
  11. 11. Kairos
    Time all happening at once, at key events
  12. 12. Zeus
    Son of Cronus, later defeated Cronus and the Titans, freeing sibling gods. Wielded thunderbolts, ruled heavens.
  13. 13. Hades
    God of the underworld.
  14. 14. Poseidon
    God of the sea, water, earthquakes, earthquakes.
  15. 15. Titans
    Preceded gods of Olympia, children of Uranus, who they overthrew.
  16. 16. Tartarus
    Where Zeus confined the Titans, in the deepest parts of the underworld. Where evil were punished.
  17. 17. Prometheus
    Stole fire from the gods and gave it to the humans. Was chained to a rock as punishment, with an eagle gnawing at liver.
  18. 18. Pandora
    First woman, opens the box that let's evils escape.
  19. 19. Apollo
    God of art, healing, prophesy. Logical
  20. 20. Dionysus
    God of theatre. God of wine, ecstasy, party god.
  21. 21. Athens
    Capital of Greece, religious center for Athena.
  22. 22. Thebes
    Greek city, in Oedipus story, as well as others.
  23. 23. Phusis
    Nature, what you want to do, man tries to dominate, woman gods represented by nature
  24. 24. Nomos
    Law, what you should do
  25. 25. Hamartia
    Flaw within someone that brings about tragedy
  26. 26. Hubris
    Excessive pride that sometimes leads to defiance of the gods.
  27. 27. Tragedy
    A play dealing with tragic events and having a unhappy ending, with the downfall of the main character.
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