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  1. Chondrocyte
    cartillage cell
  2. collagenous fibers (Koh-laj-eh-nuss)
    strong a flexible connective tissue fibers that contain the protein collagen
  3. Elastic fibers
    connective tissue fibers that are not particularly strong, but can be stretched and will return to normal when released.
  4. Fibroblast
    connective tissue cell that produces fibers
  5. macrophage
    a large phagocytic connective tissues cell that functions in immune responses
  6. mast cell
    a connective tissue cell that produces heparin and histamine.
  7. neuroglia (noo-rog-lee-ah)
    supporting cells of nervous tissue; cells in nervous tissue that do not conduct impulses.
  8. neuron
    nerve cell, including its processes; conducting cell of nervous tissue.
  9. tissue
    group of similar cells specialized to perform a certain function.
  10. Negative feed back
    a mechanism of response in which a stimulus initiates reactions that reduce the stimulus
  11. differentiation
    process by which cells become structurally and functionally specialized.
  12. anabolism
    building up, or synthesis, reactions that require energy and make complex molecules out of two or more smaller ones.
  13. catabolism
    reactions that break down complex molecules into two or more smaller ones with the release of energy.
  14. PPD
    purified protein derivative
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