Firefighting Strategies and Tactics: Ch. 1

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  1. Who organized the first fire company in the U.S. and in which American city?
    Ben Franklin in Philadelphia
  2. Strategy
    The broad, general statement or thought of what needs to be accomplished
  3. Tactic
    more specific functions designed to meet the strategic goals; the actual task
  4. Tactical Method
    the method used to meet the tactic
  5. Identify the strategy, tactic and tactical method: Firefighters are called to a structure fire. They wish to ventilate the structure, so they cut a hole in the roof.
    • strategy: extinguish the fire to preserve property
    • tactic: extinguish fire by ventilating the structure
    • tactical method: cutting hole in roof
  6. Three basic strategies:
    • 1. life safety
    • 2. property conservation
    • 3. incident stabilization
  7. Personal protective equipment
    protective clothing worn by FF
  8. Nomex
    protective material in personal protective equipment
  9. Kevlar
    protective material in personal protective equipment
  10. Personal alert devices
    audible warning devices that sound when a FF stops moving for 20-30 seconds
  11. America Burning: The Report of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control
    landmark governmental study published in 1974
  12. Name two water supply features which are a product of modernized building codes and standards
    • 1. sprinkler systems
    • 2. standpipes
  13. What is a siamese?
    A siamese occurs when a sprinkler system and a standpipe are fed by the same water supply. Large office buildings and multifamily dwellings may have several siamese
  14. How many firefighter deaths occur on average every year?
  15. What percentage of annual firefighter deaths are linked to firefighter stress?
  16. How have modern materials altered firefighting?
    modern, synthetic materials burn twice as hot and faster than natural materials. They also release toxic fumes
  17. What is the maximum amount of time a firefighter should aggressively fight an interior structure fire?
    the amount of time it takes to use two (2) 30 minute SCBA cylinders
  18. chord and web
    design of truss roofs in series of triangles
  19. gusset plate
    small metal plates holding 2 x 4's together in a truss roof
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