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  1. Old World
  2. Place where the English and French mainly settled
    North America
  3. Explorer from Puerto Rico who wanted to find the Fountain of Youth
    Juan Ponce de Leon
  4. An explorer who tried to establish Florida due to a royal charter from the Spanish King
    Panfilo de Narvaez
  5. One of the few survivors from Narvaez's trip
    Cabeza de Vasca
  6. A Spanish explorer who was former capital under command of Francisco Pizarro
    Hernando de Soto
  7. An explorer sent by Peter II of Spain to settle Florida before the French.
    Pedro Menendez de Aviles
  8. The oldest continuously inhabited city in America.
    St. Augustine
  9. An explorer who made a trip to New Mexico to subdue the Indians and convert them to Catholics
    Juan de Ornate
  10. Small places of worship run by frairs for the Indians
  11. An explorer commissioned by the French king to find isles and riches.
    Jaques Cartier
  12. A village found by Cartier that the French settled
  13. A vitamin deficiency
  14. A major French explorer known for finding two of the Great Lakes
    Samuel de Champlain
  15. What Samuel was called for his love of the French frontier
    the Father of France
  16. The place Samuel de Champlain discovered with 30 other men where the St. Lawrence narrows.
  17. young men who lived and learned the Indian culture
    coureurs de bois
  18. the one who funded the English exploration of North Caroline
    Sir Walter Raleigh
  19. The place in North Caroline where the people vanished
    Lost Colony
  20. A settlement the Virginia Company was developing
  21. Someone who helped the settlers of Jamestown with discipline
    John Smith
  22. The governer of Jamestown who helped majorly
    Sir Thomas Dale
  23. A colonist who married the Indian chief's wife and introduced cash crops
    John Rolfe
  24. A crop that could be sold for supplies and money
    Cash Crop
  25. Producing all that you need to live
    Subsistence farming
  26. English settlers who came to the New World for a place free of persecution and a place they could raise godly children.
  27. Anglicans who disagreed with certain church practices
  28. Place where the Puritans settle
    Massachusetts Bay Colony
  29. The war that freed America from the English
    The Revolutionary War
  30. A seat in the government men where elected to be in
  31. The most important document in US history
  32. The act the British passed to protect the French
    Quebec Act
  33. This was presented by the Earl of Durham to the British Government
    Burham Report
  34. The Act that made Canada a self ruling domination
    the British North America Act
  35. A group of nations who swore alliance to Britian
    The British Common Wealth of Nation
  36. A railroad that made travel to the west easier
    Transcontinental Railroad
  37. A railroad that linked the east and the west coasts.
    Canadian Pacific Railroad
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