Brio test for restaurant

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  1. What is the mission statement
    We strive to be the best Italian restaurant company in America and we want our people to know they work with the best.  Will develop loyal, lifelong guests by delivering the highest quality food and service, to each guest, at each meal, each and everyday
  2. What is our service non-negotiables
    • We take pride being of service to our guest- its our pleasure
    • Moments of truth; take nothing for granted (anytime a guest forms an opinon)
    • Good enough isn't; validate each guest experience
    • The guest is always the guest; exceed expectations
    • Hospitality comes from the heart; serve with passion
  3. What does BBRG stand for?
    Bravo, Brio, Restaurant Group
  4. How soon should we greet our guests, and how do we know a table has been greeted.
    1 Minute, and salt & pepper and sugar moved to pivot point
  5. What is our address?
    • Brio Tuscan grille
    • 777 casino drive
    • Cherokee, nc 28719
    • Store# 801
  6. Phone Numbers
    • (828) 497-8233
    • (828) 497-0524 Fax
  7. store hours
    • sunday- Thursday 11:30am - 10pm
    • Friday & Saturday 11:30am - 11pm
  8. district partner
    connie collins
  9. district chef
    tony rotello
  10. general manager
    Brenda montgomery
  11. executive chef
    steve petrie
  12. sous chefs
    travis blackburn, Alvin hoyle, chris gibbs
  13. assistant managers
    Julia hunt, Jeffrey urban, albert parsons
  14. describe the bruschetta quattro
    • roasted red pepper bruschetta
    • roasted grape tomato and pistachio mint pesto bruschetta
    • sliced steak bruschetta
    • bacon and tomato jam bruschetta
  15. what are the extra steps of service for children and single diners
    • crayons, food first, bring pizza dough, kids cups
    • offer a newspaper, connect with them, let them work
  16. when should the bread, butter, and B&B be removed from the table
    when entrée is finished, or when the bread basket is empty, and they do not want a refill
  17. what is the pivot point and how do we determine where position 1 is at each table?  Why is this so important to the guest experience?
    • it is the most natural place for a server to address the table. 
    • first chair to the left of the server
    • so we do auction off food
  18. what can you do to assist lunch guests in meeting their time schedule
    bring food back to back, or spacing it out depending on the customer
  19. when do we offer the following to our guests?
    fresh ground pepper-
    freshly grated cheese
    • on table- with salads
    • pastas, pizza, and flatbreads
  20. describe chopped salad
    • chopped iceberg and romaine lettuces tossed with
    • diced tomato,
    • cucumber,
    • red onion,
    • sliced black olives
    • feta cheese
    • red wine vinagar
  21. what is the pricing structure for our side salads and soups when ordered with an entree
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