HSPC 274 Vocab quiz 1

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  1. totalitarian regime
    a form of government that controls all aspects of the political, social, and economic life of a nation
  2. authoritarianism
    • -a type of regime in which only the government itself is fully controlled by the ruler
    • -social and economic institutions exist that are not under the government's control
  3. aristocracy
    "rule by the best"; in reality, rule by members of the upper class
  4. theocracy
    "rule by God", or the gods; in practice, rule by religious leaders, typically self-appointed
  5. oligarchy
    "rule by a few"
  6. anarchy
    the condition of no government
  7. legislature
    a governmental body primarily responsible for making of laws
  8. initiative
    a procedure by which voters can propose a law or a constitutional amendment
  9. referendum
    an electoral device whereby legislative or constitutional measures are referred by the legislature to the voters for approval or disapproval
  10. recall
    a procedure allowing the peopler to vote to dismiss an elected official from state office before his or her term has expired
  11. republic
    a form of government in which sovereign power rests with the people, rather than with a king or a monarch
  12. representative democracy
    a form of government in which representatives elected by the people make and enforce laws and policies; may retain the monarchy in a ceremonial role
  13. universal suffrage
    the right of all adults to vote for their government representatives
  14. pluralism
    • -a theory that views politics as a conflict among interest groups
    • -political decision making is characterized by compromise and accommodation
  15. Liberalism
    a set of beliefs that includes the advocacy of positive government action to improve the welfare of individuals, support for civil rights, and tolerance for political and social change
  16. Libertarianism
    a political ideology based on skepticism or opposition toward most government activities
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