Spanish Conversation #1

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  1. la adventencia
  2. al + innfinitivo 
    when/on + gerund
  3. chismoso (a)
    gossipy, a gossip (person)
  4. emocionarse
    to be moved (emotionally)
  5. el hogar
  6. humilde
  7. el orgullo
  8. pese a
    in spite of, despite
  9. la pobreza
  10. prestar, pedir prestado
    to lend, borrow
  11. el/la vecino(a)
  12. la vivienda
    housing, home, dwelling
  13. realizar
    accomplish, do
  14. darse cuenta de (que)
    to notice, realize
  15. saber
    to know specific information such as dates, facts, events
  16. saber + si/que/quien/cuando
    to know whether, what, who, when...
  17. saber + infinitivo
    to know how to do something
  18. conocer
    to be familiar with something or someone; to know by experience
  19. ¿alguna idea?
    any ideas?
  20. ¿que tu dices?
    what do you say?
  21. ¿a ti que te parece?
    What do you think?
  22. ¿Que opinas de...?
    What is  your opinion of...?
  23. ¿Se te ocurre algo?
    Can you think of anything?
  24. ¿Tienes alguna sugerencia al respecto...?
    Do you have and suggestions regarding...?
  25. apetecible
    tempting, appetizing. mouthwatering
  26. enterarse (de)
    to find out, hear, learn about
  27. evitar
    to avoid
  28. el horario
  29. mostrar (ue)
    to show, display
  30. probar
    to try, taste
  31. el resultado
  32. resultar + adjetivo
    to find, seem, be
  33. ser capaz de + infinitivo
    to be capable of
  34. la servilleta
  35. soler (ue)
    to be accustomed to, be in the habit of
  36. tener sentido
    to make sense 

    (not used when referring to a person; ex-"you don't make sense)
  37. gratis
    free of cost, charge
  38. estar libre
    • to be unoccupied 
    • to be freed from prison
  39. ser libre
    free to choose your own actions and are also responsible for them
  40. pedir
    To ask for something, request
  41. preguntar
    to request information from someone
  42. preguntar por
    to inquire about someone or something
  43. Muchas gracias, pero...
    Thank you very much, but...
  44. Se lo agradezco muchísimo, pero...
    I really appreciate it, but...
  45. Discúlpenme, pero es que...
    Forgive me, but it's just that...
  46. Lo siento mucho, pero...
    I am very sorry, but...
  47. Me encantaría (proobarlo/la, verlo/la...), pero en este momento...
    I would love to (try it, see it...), but right now...
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