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  1. What was the first thing  'ה created?
    heaven and earth
  2. What was the last thing 'ה created?
  3. Who was the first person created?
  4. What was the name of the first woman?
  5. What were אדם חוה's children's names?
    קין  הבל
  6. Who made חוה eat from the עץ הדעת?
  7. What did קין do to הבל?
    he killed him
  8. What עבירה did people start doing?
  9. What did נח build?
  10. Why did נח build it?
    because there was going to be a Mabul
  11. What were the names of נח's three sons?
    שם חם יפת
  12. How many floors did the תיבה have?
  13. What were the floors of the תיבה for?
    1. garbage 2. animals 3. people
  14. Which animal hurt נח?
  15. How many days was the מבול?
  16. How long was נח in the תיבה?
    a year
  17. What did people build to try to fight 'ה?
    a tower
  18. Who was the first person to recognize Hashem?
  19. What did אברהם smash?
  20. What did King Nimrod do to אברהם?
    throw him in the fire
  21. What was אברהם's wife's name?
  22. Where did Hashem tell אברהם to go?
    ארץ ישראל
  23. How many tests did אברהם have?
  24. Why did  אברהם have to go to מצרים?
    there was a hunger
  25. When אברהם went to מצרים what did he do to שרה?
    hid her in a box
  26. Besides שרה, who else did אברהם marry?
  27. What was the name of the first son of אברהם?
  28. How old was אברהם when he had his ברית?
  29. How old was אברהם when יצחק was born?
  30. What was the name of the second son of אברהם?
  31. How old was שרה when יצחק was born?
  32. What was the name of the servant of אברהם?
  33. What was the name of the nephew of אברהם?
  34. Where did לוט move to?
  35. What was עקידת יצחק?
    Avraham was to shecht Yitzchak
  36. Who did יצחק marry?
  37. Who did יעקב marry?
    רחל לאה בלהה זלפה
  38. What are the name's of the children of יצחק?
    יעקב עשו
  39. What did  יעקב sell to עשו for the בכור?
  40. How did עשו trick his father?
    he asked great questions
  41. What are the names of the children of זלפה?
    גד אשר
  42. What are the names of the children of בלהה?
    דן נפתלי
  43. What are the names of the children of לאה?
    ראובן שמעון לוי יהודה יששכר זבולון דינה
  44. What are the names of the children of רחל?
    יוסף בנימין
  45. Who did יעקב want to marry first?
  46. Who did יעקב  marry first?
  47. What did רחל hide from her father?
    his idols
  48. Where is רחל buried?
    קבר רחל
  49. What land did אברהם buy to bury שרה?
    מערת המכפלה
  50. Who is buried in the מערת המכפילה?
    אדם חוה אברהם שרה יצחק רבקה יעקב לאה
  51. What did Yosef's brothers do to him?
    • throw him into a pit
    • sell him
  52. What was in the pit that the שבטים threw Yosef into?
    snakes and scorpians
  53. What were the dreams of Yosef?
    • stars and the moon bowing down to him
    • bundles of wheat bowing down to him
  54. Where was Yosef sent to in מצרים by the wife of פוטיפר?
    into jail
  55. What did the brothers of  יוסף do to his special shirt?
    dipped it into blood
  56. Why did the שבטים come to מצרים?
    because the was a hunger
  57. What did יוסף hide in the sack of בנימין?
    his magic cup
  58. Why did יוסף and בנימין cry on each other's neck?
    they saw that the Bais Hamikosh / and Mishkan would be destroyed
  59. Who tried to kill יעקב?
  60. Who kidnapped דינה?
  61. How many people did עשו come with to kill יעקב?
  62. Who did יעקב fight with a whole night?
    מלאך of עשו
  63. What was the new name that was given to  יעקב?
  64. What are the name's of the children of יוסף?
    מנשה אפרים
  65. What ברכה did יעקב give אפרים and מנשה?
    המלאך הגואל
  66. What were the two dreams that פרעה had?
    • Skinny cows ate the fat cows
    • Thin wheat ate the fat wheat
  67. Who explained to פרעה his dreams?
  68. What did פרעה make  יוסף?
    the second in command
  69. What did יעקב want to tell his children but Hashem didn't let?
    when משיח will come
  70. What was the name of the second wife of יהודה?
  71. What did בתואל try to do to אליעזר? (soup)
    poison him to kill him
  72. What did the שר המשקים (wine waiter) do wrong?
    let a fly into the wine
  73. What did the שר האופים (the baker) do wrong?
    he put a stone in the bread
  74. For how many years did Hashem tell אברהם that his children would be slaves in מצרים?
  75. What Yeshiva did יעקב learn in?
    שם עבר
  76. Why did יעקב send יהודה ahead of his brothers to מצרים?
    to start a Yeshiva
  77. How many people went down to מצרים?
  78. What did יוסף send to his father to show that he was alive?
  79. Where did יעקב has his dream?
    on the mountain that the bais hamikdosh would be.
  80. What dream did יעקב have?
    that angels were going up and down
  81. What happened to the 12 stones that יעקב put under his head?
    they became one
  82. How many years did יעקב work for לבן?
  83. Who died while having a child?
  84. Who was born as the Jewish people entered מצרים?
  85. Which cities did Hashem destroy because the people were wicked?
    • סדום
    • עמורה
  86. Who was the GIANT that told אברהם  that לוט was captured?
  87. Who won the war of the four and five kings?
  88. Who was the king of גרר?
  89. What did אבימלך do to שרה?
    kidnapped her
  90. Who kidnapped רבקה?
  91. Who did יעקב send gifts to עשו with?
  92. What did אברהם Shecht instead of יצחק?
    a ram
  93. What davening did אברהם start?
  94. What davening did יצחק start?
  95. What davening did יעקב start?
  96. What did the trees taste like before אדם and חוה ate from the עץ הדעת?
    like the fruit
  97. Which animals were not destroyed in the מבול?
  98. How was there light in the תיבה?
    • 1. window
    • 2. special gem
  99. What did שמעון  and לוי do to the city of שכם?
    killed them out.
  100. How many years was there a hunger in מצרים?
  101. What was the name of the person that יוסף was sold to in מצרים?
  102. Which city did פרעה give the בני ישראל to live in?
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