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  1. DA
    Department of the Army
  2. DAR
    Defense Acquisition Regulations
  3. DC
    Division/District Commander
  4. DE
    District or Division Engineer
  5. DEIS
    Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  6. DFARS
    Defense FedAcquisiRegula Supplement
  7. DHP
    Delta Headwaters Project
  8. DM
    Design Memorandum
  9. DP
    Director of Program
  10. DPM
    Deputy for Programs & Project Management
  11. DPR
    Detailed Project Report
  12. DPS
    Detailed Project Study
  13. DQC
    District Quality Control
  14. DTO
    Data for testifying officers
  15. DX
    Directory of Experts
  16. EA
    Environmental Assessment
  17. EAB
    Environmental Advisory Board
  18. EAC
    Environmental Advisory Committee
  19. EC
    Engineer Circular
  20. EDR
    Engineer Decision Report
  21. E&D
    Engineering & Design
  22. EEO
    Equal Employment Opportunity
  23. EIS
    Environmental Impact Statement
  24. EM
    Engineer Manual
  25. EO
    Executive Order
  26. EOC
    Emergency Operations Center
  27. EP
    Engineer Pamphlet
  28. ER
    Engineer Regulation
  29. ESA
    Endangered Species Act
  30. ETL
    Engineer Technical Letter
  31. F&A
    Finance & Accounting
  32. FAD
    Funding Authorization Document
  33. FAO
    Finance & Accounting Officer
  34. FAR
    Federal Acquisition Regulation
  35. FARM
    Farmers Advocating Resource Mgmt
  36. FC
    Flood Control
  37. FCSA
    Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement
  38. FDM
    Feature Design Memorandum
  39. FEIS
    Final Environmental Impact Statement
  40. FEMA
    Federal Emergency Mgmt Agency
  41. FERC
    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  42. FIA
    Federal Insurance Administration
  43. FIS
    Flood Insurance Studies
  44. FPMS
    Flood Plain Management Services
  45. FOA
    Field Operating Activity/Agency
  46. FOIA
    Freedom of Information Act
  47. FONSI
    Finding of No Significant Impact
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