1.2.1 Cranial nerves

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  1. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN 1
  2. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN II
  3. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN III
  4. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN IV
  5. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN V
  6. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN VI
  7. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN VII
  8. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN VIII
  9. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN IX
  10. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN X
  11. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN XI
  12. Sensory, Motor, Both) CN XII
  13. Out of the 12 CN, how many originate from the brain stem?
  14. Are cranial nerves part of the CNS or PNS?
    • PNS
    • *they branch out to the PNS
  15. Cranial foramina, what occurs here?
    • CN enter and exit cranial cavity through foramina
    • *entering= Sensory
    • *Exiting= Motor
  16. Name of CN I
    Olfactory Nerve
  17. Function of CN I
    Sense of smell
  18. Foramen of CN I
    Cribriform plate of ethmoid bone
  19. With what structure does the CN I synapse with?
    Olfactory bulb
  20. Where does CN I originate from?
    • Within nasal mucosa
    • *not from the brainstem!
  21. Which 2 CN do not originate from the brain?
    CN I & XI
  22. What is the name of CN II?
    Optic Nerve
  23. What is the function of CN II?
    Sense of sight
  24. Foramen of CN II?
    Optic Canal
  25. What is the name of CN III?
    Oculomotor nerve
  26. Function of CN III (2)
    -moves eyes

    -changes pupil and lens shape
  27. Foramen of CN III
    Superior orbital fissure
  28. What is the name of CN IV?
    Trochlear nerve
  29. Function of CN IV?
    Moves eyes
  30. Foramen of CN IV?
    Superior orbital fissure
  31. What is the name of CN VI?
  32. Function of CN VI?
    Moves eyes
  33. Foramen of CN VI
    Superior orbital fissure
  34. Which 4 nerves go through the superior orbital fissure?
    -CN III

    -CN IV

    -CN V1

    -CN VI
  35. Brief description of function of CN III, IV, VI
    • Somatic motor to extraoccuar muscles
    • *moves eyes
  36. Brief function of V1
    Somatic sensory to the upper face
  37. What is the name of CN V?
  38. Function of Trigeminal (2)
    -muscles of mastication

    -sensory to the face
  39. What are the 3 divisions that CN V has?


  40. Which nerve is V1?
  41. Which nerve is V2?
  42. Which nerve is V3?
  43. Sensory, Motor, Both) V1
  44. Sensory, Motor, Both) V2
  45. Sensory, Motor, Both) V3
  46. Foramen V1
    Superior orbital fissure
  47. Foremen V2
    foramen rotundum
  48. Foremen V3
    foramen ovale
  49. Function of V3 (2)
    -sensory to the jaw region

    -motor to the muscle of mastication
  50. Which division does V1 innervate?
    Ophthalmic division
  51. Which division does V2 innervate?
    Maxillary division
  52. Which division does V3 innervate?
    Mandibular division
  53. Name of CN VII
    Facial nerve
  54. Functions of CN VII (3)
    -innervates muscles of facial expression

    -sends motor signals for salivation & lacrimation

    -senses taste
  55. Foramen of CN VII
    • Internal acoustic/auditory meatus
    • *exits/enters internally from the brain through that structure
  56. Somatic motor muscles going to facial muscles from CN VII exit through...
    stylomastoid foramen
  57. What is the name of CN VIII?
  58. Function of CN VIII
    -sense of hearing & balance
  59. Foramen of CN VIII
    Internal acoustic/auditory meatus
  60. Does CN VIII exit the skull?
    • no
    • *bc it innervates things inside the skull
  61. What is the name of CN IX?
    glossopharyngeal nerve
  62. Function of CN IX? (2)
    -motor to pharynx and salivation

    • -sensory to taste and tongue
    • *does not move the tongue just detects touch and pain of tongue
  63. Foremen of CN IX
    Jugular foremen
  64. Name of CN X
    Vagus nerve
  65. Foremen of CN X
    Jugular foramen
  66. Function of Cn X
    Motor to the larynx, heart, respiratory, and digestive system, taste
  67. Name of CN XI
    Spinal accessory
  68. Function of CN XI
    Motor to trapezius and sternocleidomastoid
  69. Foremen of CN XI
    Jugular foramen
  70. Name of CN XII
    hypoglossal nerve
  71. Function of CN XII
    Motor to the tongue
  72. Foremen of CN XII
    Hypoglossal canal
  73. Which 2 nerves cannot be seen on the ventral side of the brain?
    CN I & IV
  74. Which nerve can be seen on the dorsal side?
    • CN IV
    • *wraps around the brain stem to go ventrally
  75. What is bells palsy?
    Temporary paralysis of facial muscles
  76. Why does bells palsy occur?
    Damage of disease of facial nerve
  77. Bells palsy) Can a person with this stick their tongue out?
    Yes, CN XII innervates tongue muscle which are different than muscle of facial expression
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