U.S. Air Force Doctrine

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  1. Identify the seven tenets of air and space.
    • - Centralized Control / Decentralized Execution
    • - Flexibility and Versatility
    • - Synergistic Energy
    • - Persistence
    • - Concentration
    • - Priority
    • - Balance
  2. What is a mission that integrates offensive and defensive operations to attain and maintain a desired degree of air superiority, and are designed to destroy or negate enemy aircraft and missiles?
  3. Which operational function is an offensive action specifically selected to achieve national strategic objectives, weaken the adversary's ability or will to engage in conflict, and may achieve strategic objectives without necessarily having to achieve operational objectives as a precondition?
    Strategic Attack.
  4. Which operational function are air and space operations against enemy land force capabilities to create effects that achieve JFC objectives?
  5. Which function is used to divert, disrupt, delay, or destroy the enemy's military potential before it can be brought to best effectively against friendly forces?
    Air Interdiction.
  6. Which function describes air action by fixed- and rotary- wing aircraft against hostile targets that are in close proximity to friendly forces and that require detailed integration of each air mission with the fire and movement of those forces?
    Close Air Support.
  7. Which function refers to the distance within which some form of terminal attack control is required for fratricide prevention?
    Close Proximity.
  8. Which function describes a level of coordination required to achieve desired effects while minimizing the risk of fratricide - from wither surface fires or air delivered weapons?
    Detailed Integration.
  9. Which Air Force organizational element is:

    - Responsible to organize, train, and equip
    - Provides these Air Force forces to the combatant commander
    - Subdivided into Numbered Air Forces (NAF)
    Major Commands.
  10. Which Air Force organizational element is the senior USAF war fighting echelon and is the geographic subdivision of a MAJCOM?
    Numbered Air Forces (NAF).
  11. Which Air Force organizational element is the basic combat organization, normally located on a single base, has a "one base, one wing, one boss" concept, and incorporates operations, maintenance, support / logistics, and medical groups under a single commander?
  12. Which Air Force organizational element is a collection of squadrons with similar functions?
  13. Which Air Force organizational element is the basic fighting unit of the Air Force?
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