7th Grade - Science - Review 1st Semester

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  1. What is the equation for photosynthesis?
    6CO2  + 6H2O + Sunlight → C6H12O + 6O2
  2. What is C6H12O
  3. What are examples of producers?
    Green plants and other autotrophs
  4. All the energy comes initially from the ____
  5. What is a consumer?
    All heterotrophs
  6. All consumers need ____
  7. Consumers get energy from ____
    the food they eat
  8. What are primary consumers
    animals that eat green plants
  9. Primary consumers are also called
  10. What are secondary consumers?
    Animals that eat other animals
  11. Secondary consumers are also called
  12. What is an omnivore
    Animals that eat both plants and animals
  13. Are omnivores primary or secondary consumers or both?
  14. What are decomposers
    Organisms that break down the remains of dead organisms and organic wastes
  15. What are most organisms?
    Bacteria and fungi
  16. What are scavengers
    Organisms that help keep the environment clean by eating the remains of dead or dying animals.
  17. How does decay of biomass in a compost bin cycle matter in living systems
    Biomass is broken down and nutrients are cycled back into the soil
  18. What 2 process cycle carbon dioxide in living systems
    Respiration (breathing) and photosynthesis
  19. Which form of nitrogen is usually absorbed from the soil by grass
    Nitrates (NO3)
  20. How is nitrogen both removed from the atmosphere and returned from the atmosphere
    • Plants and animals
    • Bacteria
  21. How do animals get nitrogen
    From plants
  22. How does biodiversity contribute to the sustainability of an ecosystem?
    Biodiversity creates a stable ecosystem because then if a crisis happens that endangers a species there are other species to take its place
  23. Selective Breeding
    humans picking the 2 mates
  24. Natural Selection
    When nature selects the mates to create the best adapted offspring for the environment
  25. Surface Water
    Water found in rivers, lakes, oceans, and streams
  26. What can pollution do to ground water?
    It can leach contaminants to the groundwater supply below
  27. Porosity
    The size of the void or open spaces found in rocks or sediments?
  28. Permeability
    How well fluids can pass through a membrane or rock
  29. Absorbency
    How much fluid can be soaked up
  30. Sustainability
    how well biological systems remain diverse and productive
  31. 5 ways humans have a negative impact on ground water
    • farming
    • pesticides
    • manure
    • sewage
    • car washing
  32. 3 major erosional forces
    • water
    • air
    • ice
  33. Delta
    deposition of sediment at the mouth of a river
  34. How was Palo Duro Canyon formed
  35. 3 factors that can effect weathering
    • Surface area
    • temperature
    • type of material
  36. 4 pieces of evidence to support continental drift theory
    • Continents fit
    • rocks
    • fossils
    • climate
  37. Primary Succession
    Occurs when no soil is present
  38. Primary species
    First organisms to live in the area
  39. Organisms that live on bare rock
    Moss and lichen
  40. What happens when moss and lichen grow
    They release acid that breaks down the rock and forms soil
  41. What happens when moss and lichen die
    Their remains are broken down and added to the broken down rock to create soil
  42. When do bushes and ferns appear based on succession
    When the moss and lichen have formed enough soil.
  43. What happens when ferns and bushes die.
    Their remains add nutrients to the soil.
  44. Based on succession what comes after buses and ferns
    shrubs, trees, insects, birds and mammals
  45. Secondary succession
    Occurs when bare soil is present.  The soil already contains nutrients of weeds, grasses and trees.
  46. How are new seeds brought to a new area
    By wind and water
  47. Which occurs faster, primary succession or secondary succession?
    secondary succession
  48. Climate community
    A community that has been established for a while
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