9th Grade - BIMS - Review 1st Semester

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  1. Parts of a business letter
    • Return Address
    • Inside Address
    • Salutation
    • Body
    • Complementary closing
    • Closure
  2. What does red underline mean
    misspelled word
  3. What does a blue underline mean
    Incorrect grammar
  4. What information should be in the letterhead of a resume?
    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Your phone #
    • Your email
  5. Correct line spacing for a report
  6. What tab and group do you use to insert a table in Word
    Insert Tab and press table
  7. In Excel what tab is used to insert or delete a column?
    Home tab, Cell group
  8. In Excel, the intersection of a row and a column in a spreadsheet is called ____
  9. What is the first step taken to change the height of a row?
    Right click the number of the row or just right click the cell
  10. In the computer lab, what is the name of the b/w printer?
  11. What is the margin and text alignment for a block letter?
    • 1 inch
    • Left Alignment
  12. What types of information should be listed in a resume?
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Past work experiences
    • References
  13. Header in a cover page and report should be formatted with _____
    Page #s
  14. How many different ways can you insert a table in Word?
  15. In Excel, the cell that is selected and contains the highlight is called?
    Active cell
  16. What is the first step taken to change the width of the column?
    • Right click the column, or
    • Select the column
  17. What does Merge and center do?
    • Merge - merges 2 or more cells together
    • Center - centers text
  18. The tab settings for a modified block letter is what?
    0.5 and 3
  19. What tab is font, font size, and font color found on?
    Home tab, font group
  20. What document should list the occupation you are interested in obtaining and how you found out about it?
    Cover letter
  21. What is the tab setting for each paragraph in a report?
  22. In Word, the tabular list table is found under what icon?
    Quick Tab
  23. In Excel, a selected group of cells is known as _____
  24. In Excel, what group on the home ribbon allows you to format cells with decimals and currency?
    Number Group
  25. What is the purpose of proofreading before printing a document?
    Allows you to make changes
  26. What is the function that produces multiple letters from a simple template form using a structured data source?
    Mail Merge
  27. What tab would you go to in order to insert a picture or word art?
    Insert Tab
  28. Why is the word enclosure at the bottom of a cover letter when submitting a resume?
    It is letting you know there is an attachment
  29. In the report, what item is centered, bolded and in all caps?
  30. What tab would you use to split a cell in a table in Word?
  31. A grid of rows and columns that can hold numbers, text or formulas is called ______
  32. Which icon changes the fill color of a cell?
    Paint Bucket (Fill Color)
  33. 1,000 us an example of a number with ____
    A coma
  34. What icon changes the orientation of text in a cell?
    Home Tab AB with the 45o arrow
  35. What feature allows you to preview a document before printing?
    Print Preview
  36. When creating an envelope, what information should be included in the document?
    My address and to whom you are sending it
  37. The two page orientation options are:
    • Portrait
    • Landscape
  38. What document should state a request for an interview?
    Cover Letter
  39. When typing a report, how many times should you space between sentences?
  40. In Word, what ribbon should you use to insert or delete a column in a table?
  41. What is Excel's name for a computerized spreadsheet?
  42. In Excel, what does text wrap do to the contents of a cell?
    Fits in one cell
  43. At school, what server should you save your work?
    Your H drive
  44. An Excel formula always begins with ____
    = (equal sign)
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