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  1. ______ controls the kilovoltage, and thereby the wavelength and penetrating power, of the x-ray beam
  2. _______________. These devices terminate the exposure when a specific quantity of radiation has reached the IR.
    automatic exposure control (AEC)
  3. ________ is a measure of the current flow rate in the x-ray tube circuit. It determines the number of electrons available to cross the tube and thus the rate at which x-rays are produced.
    Milliamperage (mA)
  4. increase in kVp will produce a ____ image, whereas a decrease in kVp will produce a ____ image.
    • 1-darker
    • 2-lighter
  5. The distance between the source of the x-ray beam (the tube target) and the IR is referred to as the ________
    source-image distance (SID).
  6. What are make up the four elements of radiographic quality:
    • 1-density,
    • 2-contrast,
    • 3-detail,
    • 4-distortion.
  7. The overall blackness of the image is referred to as the ______
    optical density (OD),
  8. an increase in _____ will result in a darker radiograph, whereas a decrease will cause it to be lighter.
  9. OD is controlled by the exposure factors, primarily the ______.
  10. distance between the source of x-rays and the IR (the SID) and the distance between the object and the IR, referred to as the ______
    object-image distance (OID
  11. Increasing ____ sharpens the image, whereas increasing the ___ reduces sharpness.
    • 1-SID
    • 2-OID
  12. _______ refers to the sharpness of the image.
    Image detail
  13. _______ refers to a variation in the size or shape of the image compared with the object it represents
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