Chapter 1: Foundation of Structural Kinesiology

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  1. Structural Kinesiology
    the study of muscles, bones, and joints as they are involved in the science of movement
  2. Anatomical Position
    the subject is standing in an upright posture, facing straight ahead, with feet parallel and close and palms facing forward
  3. Fundamental Position
    Same asĀ AnatomicalĀ position, except the arms are at the sides with the palms facing the body
  4. Anterior
    In front or in the front part
  5. Anterolateral
    In front to the outside
  6. Anteroinferior
    In front and below
  7. Anteromedial
    In front and toward the midline
  8. Anteroposterior
    Relating to both front and rear
  9. Anterosuperior
    In front and above
  10. Bilateral
    Relating to the right and left sides of the body or of a body structure such as the right and left extremities
  11. Caudal
    Below in relation to another structure; inferior
  12. Cephalic
    Above in relation to another structure; higher, superior
  13. Contralateral
    Pertaining or relating to the opposite side
  14. Deep
    Beneath or below the surface; used to describe relative depth of location of muscles or tissue
  15. Dexter
    Relating to, or situated to the right or on the right side of, something
  16. Distal
    Situated away from the point of origin
  17. Dorsal
    Relating to the back, being or located near, on, or toward the back, posterior part
  18. Inferior
    Below in relation to another structure; caudal
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