Soc: Chapter 6

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  1. cooperation
    interaction in which individuals or groups combine their efforts to reach a goal
  2. conflict
    interaction aimed at defeating an opponent
  3. social exchange
    a voluntary action performed in the expectation of getting a reward in return
  4. coercion
    interaction in which individuals or groups are forced to behave in a particular way
  5. conformity
    behavior that matches group expectations
  6. group think
    self-deceptive thinking that is based on conformity to group beliefs, and created by group pressure to conform
  7. formal organization
    a group deliberately created to achieve one or more long-term goals
  8. bureaucracy
    a formal organization based on rationality and efficiency
  9. power
    ability to control the behavior of others
  10. authority
    the legitimate or socially approved use of power
  11. rationalization
    the mind-set emphasizing knowledge, reason, and planning
  12. informal organization
    groups within a formal organization in which personal relationships are guided by norms, rituals, and sentiments that are not part of the formal organization
  13. iron law of oligarchy
    theory that power increasingly becomes concentrated in the hands of a few members of any organization
  14. bureaucracy
    A formal organization based on rationality and efficiency
  15. Group
    At least two people who have one or more goals in common and share common ways of thinking and behaving
  16. Primary Group
    People who are emotionally close, know one another well, and seek one another's company
  17. Secondary Group
    People who share only part of their lives while focusing on a goal or task
  18. Primary Relationship
    Interactions that are intimate, personal, caring, and fulfilling
  19. Secondary Relationships
    Impersonal interactions involving limited parts of personalities
  20. Social Category
    People who share a social characteristic
  21. Social Aggregate
    People temporarily in the same place at the same time
  22. In-Group
    Exclusive group demanding intense loyalty
  23. Out-Group
    Group targeted by another group for opposition, hostility, and competition
  24. Reference Group
    Group used for self-evaluation and the formation of attitudes, values, beliefs, and norms
  25. Social Network
    Web of social relationships that joins a person to other people and groups
  26. Small in size
    Face to face contact
    Continuous contact
    Proper social environment
    4 Characteristics of Primary Group?
  27. Primary Relationships
    Primary Groups are based on...
  28. Primary Group/Relationship
    • Emotional Support:
    • Someone stepping on a scale, and the friend tells them not to check their weight
    • -This is an example of...
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  29. Socialization
    Teaches children how to participate in social life
  30. Conformity
    • NHS and its volunteer hours of 4
    • is an example of...
  31. 1955
    When was Stanley Milgram's conformity experiment conducted?
  32. 1971
    When was Zimbardo's conformity experiment conducted?
  33. Reference Groups
    Sixteen Candles and the Breakfast Club are examples of...
  34. In-groups
    • Fraternity/Sororities¬†
    • Rydell High School in the 1950's (Grease)
    • -Are examples of...
  35. Creates an Us vs. Them scenario
    In-groups and out-groups do what?
  36. Out-Groups
    Boundaries often created language, symbols, handshakes, turf, etc...
  37. Out-Groups
    • West Side Story
    • The T-Birds vs. Scorpions
    • -Are examples of...
  38. Social Network
    • O'Malley's wife getting a job at Penn because O'Malley's basketball friend recommended her
    • -Is an example of...
  39. Sense of purpose
    Furnishing support in the form of help or advice
    Gaining assistance in career development
    3 Important Functions of Social Networks
  40. No
    Are Social Networks considered a group?
  41. Psuedo Groups
    Not groups, but often misunderstood to be them
  42. Lack close continuous contact
    Relationships are too temporary
    3 reasons why a Social Network isn't good or why it isn't a "Group"
  43. Cooperation
    • The play
    • Sports teams
    • Classroom
    • 12/12/12 concert
    • Are examples of...
  44. A situation where defeating the opponent is essential and may become more effective than the goals
  45. Historical Conflict
    1960's youth in stone cold conflict with their parents who were the youth of the 1940's
  46. Social Exchange
    Giving blood is an example of...
  47. Coercion
    Getting extra credit by bringing in tissues or winning in sports is an example of...
  48. Conformity or Coercion
    • Curfews can be an example of....
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  49. Groupthink
    Bay of pigs and 9/11 are examples of..
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