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  1. Acute triangle
    A triangle with three acute angles
  2. Auxiliary line
    A line drawn in a figure to aid in a proof
  3. Base angle
    One of the two angles that have the base of the triangle as a side
  4. Base
    The side opposite the vertex angle
  5. Congruent polygons
    Two polygons whose corresponding sides and angles are congruent.
  6. Coordinate proof
    A style of proof that uses coordinate geometry and algebra.
  7. Corollary
    A theorem whose proof follows directly from another theorem
  8. Corresponding angles of polygons
    • Angles in the same position in two different polygons that have the same number of
    • angles
  9. Corresponding sides of polygons
    Sides in the same position in two different polygons that have the same number of sides.
  10. CPCTC
    An abbreviation for "Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent," which can be used as a justification in a proof after two triangles are proven congruent.
  11. Equiangular triangle
    A triangle with three congruent angles.
  12. Equilateral triangular
    A triangle with three congruent sides
  13. Exterior
    The set of all points outside a polygon
  14. Exterior angle
    The angle formed by one side of a polygon and the extension of an adjacent side.
  15. Interior
    The set of all points inside the figure
  16. Interior angle
    The angle formed by two sides of a polygon with a common vertex
  17. Included angle
    The angle formed by two adjacent sides of a polygon.
  18. Included side
    The common side of two consecutive angles of a polygon.
  19. Isosceles triangle
    A triangle with at least two congruent sides.
  20. Leg of an isosceles triangle
    One of the two congruent sides of the isosceles triangle.
  21. Obtuse triangle
    A triangle with one obtuse angle.
  22. Remote interior angle
    An interior angle of a polygon that is not adjacent to the exterior angle.
  23. Right angle
    A triangle with one right angle.
  24. Scalene triangle
    A triangle with no congruent sides.
  25. Triangle rigidity
    A property of triangles that states that if the side lengths of a triangle are fixed, the triangle can have only one shape.
  26. Vertex angle
    The intersection of 2 sides of the triangle
  27. Undefined term
    A basic figure that is not defined in terms of other figures
  28. Collinear
    Points that lie on the same line
  29. Plane
    A flat surface that has no thickness and extends forever

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