Jurisprudence: Licensing Act

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  1. Board means
    State board of veterinary medical examiners
  2. Certified Veterinary Assistant
    Person who has been certified as a certified veterinary assistant by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association and is employed by a licensed veterinarian
  3. Compensation means
    Fee, monetary reward, discount, or emolument, whether received directly or indirectly
  4. Direct supervision means
    Vet on the premises
  5. Equine Dentistry means
    Any diagnosis, treatment, or surgical procedure performed on the head or oral cavity of an equine
  6. LVT's now regulated by who?
    Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
  7. TSBVME in charge of?
    • Testing 
    • Licensing
    • Disciplinary
  8. TSBVME in charge of licensing who?
    • 1) Veterinarians
    • 2) Equine dental examiners
    • 3) Veterinarian technicians
  9. Why being a LVT is better than and RVT
    • 1) More responsible for ourselves
    • 2) Now can lose license or be fined if involved in malpractice suit
    • 3) Now listed in practice act
  10. How often is practice act reviewed?
  11. Practice act being reviewed known as
    Sunset review
  12. Committee with TVMA
    Technician Oversite Committee
  13. TARVT now known as?
    Texas Veterinary Medical Team Association
  14. How many members on state board appointed by the government?
    • 9 members:
    • 6 veterinarians 
    • 3 pubic members
  15. What year did RVT's make it in the rules of conduct act?
  16. How many times a year do board members meet?
  17. Who to call if see horse/cow by side of road
    Harris county livestock division
  18. Equine dentistry procedures
    • 1) Remove sharp enamel projections
    • 2) Treat malocclusions
    • 3) Reshape teeth
    • 4) Extract teeth
    • 5) Treatment of diseased teeth 
    • 6) Removal of calculus, soft deposits, plaque, stains above gum line
    • 7) Smoothing, filing, and polishing 
    • 8) Dental radiography
  19. General supervision means
    Vet is in contact
  20. Immediate supervision means
    Vet is in the room, within visual and audible range
  21. Licensed equine dental provider means
    Person who holds a license to practice equine dentistry
  22. Licensed veterinary technician means
    Person who is licensed as a veterinary technician by the board
  23. Veterinarian means
    Person licensed by board to practice veterinary medicine
  24. Veterinary assistant means
    Person who is employed by licensed vet, performs tasks related to animal care, and is not a certified veterinary assistant or a licensed veterinary technician
  25. Veterinary medicine includes
    Surgery, reproduction and obstetrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, and any other specialty
  26. When does the sunset act expire
    September 1, 2017
  27. Can a owner of an animal or an employ of the owner perform certain task on livestock?
  28. Livestock management practices owner/employee can perform
    • 1) Castrating male raised for human consumption 
    • 2) Docking/earmarking raised for human consumption
    • 3) Dehorning cattle (Not cosmetic) 
    • 4) Aiding in nonsurgical birth
    • 5) Using nonprescription meds to prevent disease
    • 6) Branding
    • 7) Artificial insemination 
    • 8) Shoeing a horse
    • 9) Cosmetic/ production technique to reduce injury in poultry
  29. Who else can perform acts on livestock besides owner/employee of owner
    • 1) Vets employee
    • 2) Full time student of an accredited veterinary college performed under vets supervision
    • 3) Animal shelter employee who performs euthanasia 
    • 4) Person engaged in recognized state-federal cooperative disease control program 
    • 5) Person who provides emergency care without expectation of compensation
  30. Person eligible for appointment as a veterinarian on the board if
    • 1) Resided and practiced vet medicine in this state for 6 years 
    • 2) Good repute
    • 3) Not a holder of a special license
  31. Person not eligible for appointment as a public member on the board if
    • 1) Licensed by occupational regulatory agency in health care field 
    • 2) Employed by any business that has to do with health care or receives funds by the board
    • 3) Owns or controls more that 10% of a health care business 
    • 4) If persons spouse is employed in vet field and above reasons
  32. Texas trade association means
    Cooperative and voluntarily joined statewide association of business or professional competitors in this state designed to assist its members and its industry or profession in dealing with mutual business problems
  33. How long is a board term
    Staggered 6 years terms
  34. Grounds for removal as a board member
    • 1) Does not have at the time of taking office the qualifications required 
    • 2) Does not maintain during service 
    • 3) Ineligible for membership
    • 4) Cannot due to illness or disability perform duties
    • 5) Absent for more than half of the regularly scheduled board meetings
  35. Board member must undergo training that provides them with information about..
    • 1) Legislation that created the board, boards programs, functions, rules and budgets
    • 2) Results of recent audit
    • 3) Requirements of laws 
    • 4) Ethics policies
  36. Executive director of the board responsible for..?
    • 1) Safekeeping of money
    • 2) Properly disbursing vet fund account
  37. The board can adopt rules to..
    • 1) Protect the public
    • 2) Ensure alternate therapies performed by vet or under vet supervision 
    • 3) Ensure that equine dentistry is only performed by a vet or a licensed equine dental provider 
    • 4) Provide for the licensing and regulation of licensed vet techs
    • 5) Implement jurisprudence exam for equine dental providers and vet techs
  38. Board may not adopt rules that...
    • 1) Restrict advertising or competitive bidding 
    • 2) Restrict persons use of any advertising medium
    • 3) Restricts persons appearance/voice in advertisement
    • 4) Restricts persons advertisement under a trade name
  39. Veterinarian license renewal fee is..
    Set by the board and additional fee of $200, $50 going in to the foundation school fund and $150 into general revenue fund
  40. Board maintains a record of each license holders..
    • 1) Name
    • 2) Residence address
    • 3) Business address
  41. Board may request subpoena to
    • 1) The attendance of witnesses for exam under oath
    • 2) Production of inspection of books, accounts, records, papers, etc.
  42. Board can appoint an advisory committee to perform advisory functions (True or False)
  43. For complaint purposes the board must establish methods by which the consumer has access to the boards information including
    • 1) Name
    • 2) Mailing address 
    • 3) Telephone number
  44. Board must keep records of complaints that maintain information about..
    Parties to the complaint, subject matter, summary of the results of the review/investigation and its disposition
  45. Complaints requiring medical expertise to review must be reviewed by..
    2 or more veterinarian board members, and they shall determine whether to dismiss complaint or refer it to an informal proceeding
  46. How many days does the board take to dispose each complaint
    7 days
  47. Board conducts a schedule for each phase of the complaint process that must be done within how many days after the board receives the complaint
  48. Are the boards records considered public records?
  49. Person is qualified to be licensed to practice veterinary medicine if...
    • 1) Attained age of majority 
    • 2) Graduate of a board approved school
    • 3) Successfully completes the licensing examination 
    • 4) Board doesn't refuse to issue license
  50. Licensing examinations for veterinarians held how many times a year?
  51. How long after taking the licensing exam will a examinee be notified of their results
    30 days
  52. If an exam is graded or reviewed by a national testing service the examinee will be notified of the results within how many days
  53. Board can issue a special license to practice veterinarian medicine to an applicant who is a ...
    • 1) Member of the faculty of a board approved vet program at an institution of higher education
    • 2) Vet employee of the Texas Animal Health Commission
    • 3) Vet employee of Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
    • 4) Has license in another jurisdiction
  54. To be eligible for a special license to practice vet medicine must..
    • 1) 21 yrs of age and a graduate of a board approved vet med program 
    • 2) Written affirmation by a person stating applicant meets critical need for staffing
    • 3) Passes jurisprudence exam
  55. Provisional license to practice veterinary medicine granted if..
    • 1) Applicant is licensed in good standing as a vet in a different state
    • 2) Has passed national or other exams recognized by the board
  56. Board may issue a temporary license to practice vet medicine if the applicant is...
    • 1) In good standing as a vet in another state/country
    • 2) Meets eligibility requirements 
    • 3) Not the subject to denial or a license or disciplinary action
  57. Person may not represent to the public that they are authorized to perform equine dentistry or use these following titles unless authorized
    • 1) Dentist
    • 2) Certified equine dental provider
    • 3) Equine dental provider
    • 4) CEDP
    • 5) EDP
  58. Person is qualified to be licensed as an equine dental provider is they meet the following..
    • 1) Passes jurisprudence exam 
    • 2) Not disqualified by board rule
    • 3) Certified by International Association of Equine Dentistry or another organization
  59. Person is qualified to be licensed as a vet tech is the person..
    • 1) Passes jurisprudence exam 
    • 2) At least 18 yrs old
    • 3) Graduated from a program accredited by American Veterinary Medical Association
    • 4) Passes Vet tech national exam
  60. Applicant for a vet tech license must submit to the board..
    • 1) Application on the form prescribed by the board
    • 2) Information to enable board to conduct criminal background check
  61. Does a licensed vet tech have to display their license in the clinic?
  62. Person whose license has been expired for 90 days or less may renew license by..
    Paying board the renewal fee that is equal to the sum of 1 1/2 times the fee
  63. Person whose license has been expired for more than 90 days but less than 1 year may renew license by..
    Paying board a renewal fee that is equal to the sum of 2 times the renewal fee
  64. Person whose license has been expired for more than a year may obtain a new license by...
    Complying with requirements and procedures including examinations for obtaining an original license
  65. Fee exemption if..
    • 1) Active duty with armed forces of the US
    • 2) Permanently retired
  66. Renewal of expired license by out of state practitioner
    Person who is licensed to practice vet med in this state and moves to another state and in good standing and has been practicing in new state for 2 years may obtain a new license without reexamination
  67. How many CE hours does a equine dental provider need?
    6 hours
  68. How many CE hours for vet tech?
    10, 6 hours being face to face
  69. How many CE hours for a vet?
    17 hours
  70. Can you be audited for CE hours?
    Yes, must maintain records of every CE
  71. Client can get how many day supply if meds if out of town?
    5 day supply
  72. Vet may dispose of an animal that is abandoned in the vets care if they
    • 1) By certified mail give the client notice of intention to dispose animal 
    • 2) Gives clients 10 days after date of certified letter to pick up animal
  73. In the event of the veterinarians death their practice and records go to..
    The vets heirs to dispose of as necessary no later than 2nd anniversary of vets death
  74. Licensed vet tech under direct or immediate supervision of vet can
    • 1) Suture to close existing surgical skin incisions and skin lacerations 
    • 2) Induce anesthesia 
    • 3) Extract loose teeth or dental fragments
  75. Licensed vet tech under direct, immediate or general supervision of a vet can
    • 1) Draw blood
    • 2) Take samples for purpose of testing and diagnosis
  76. Vet assistant under immediate supervision of vet may
    • 1) Suture skin lesions or lacerations
    • 2) Induce anesthesia
  77. Licensed vet tech and vet assistants may not
    Perform surgery, perform invasive dental procedure, diagnose or determine prognosis, prescribe drug or appliance, or initiate treatment without instruction by vet
  78. If an applicant or license holder is denied a license or under disciplinary action the board may...
    • 1) Refuse to examine an applicant
    • 2) Refuse renewal of license
    • 3) Place person on probation
    • 4) Reprimand license holder
    • 5) Impose penalty
  79. Board may require a license holder whose license is suspended to...
    • 1) Report regularly to board on matters of probation
    • 2) Limit practice to areas board approves
    • 3) Continue/review CE until license holder meets satisfactory skill in areas related to probation
  80. Person is subjected to denial of a license or to disciplinary action if...
    • 1) Fraud/deception of qualifications and exam
    • 2) Addicted to drugs
    • 3) Illegal/dishonest within the practice
    • 4) Convicted of felony
    • 5) Receives kickback,bonus, or rebates
    • 6) Under investigation, suspension, or probation of license in other jurisdiction 
    • 7) Practice vet medicine without license
  81. Vet must report disease to which agency?
    Texas Animal Health Commission
  82. Can the board revoke, suspend, or place on probation a vets license if they fail to report a disease?
  83. Can the board revoke or place license on probation if vet fails to maintain records?
  84. Can the board suspend or revoke a vets license is court finds them mentally incompetent?
    Yes, if later found competent may reinstate license
  85. A person is entitled to a hearing before __ if the board refuses to issue license, examine person, revokes/suspends license, places person on probation, issue penalty
    State Office of Administrative Hearings
  86. An appeal of an action of the board must be filed in which district?
    Travis County
  87. Board may impose an administrative penalty on...
    • 1) A person
    • 2) Corporation 
    • 3) Organization
    • 4) Business trust
    • 5) Estate/trust
    • 6) Partnership
    • 7) Association
  88. Amount of an administrative penalty may not exceed what?
    $5,000 for each violation per day
  89. A committee's recommendation on an administrative penalty is given no later than the __ day after the date the report was issued
  90. No later than the 20th day after the date a person receives the committees recommendation they must chose to either..
    • 1) Accept recommendation 
    • 2) Request hearing on the violation, amount of the penalty or both
  91. No later than the ___ day period after the date of the boards order becomes final the person shall...
    • 1) Pay administrative penalty 
    • 2) File petition for judicial review w/wo paying
  92. Board member or employee will pay a fine if that person..
    • 1) Issues a license to someone not meeting qualifications
    • 2) Gives person exam questions
  93. Board member or employee can be fined between which amounts?
  94. Can the board issue cease and desist order to a person violating this chapter?
  95. Equine dental provider advisory committee is made up of...
    • 1) 2 licensed equine dental providers
    • 2) 1 veterinarian who supervises a LEDP
  96. EDP advisory committee members are appointed terms lasting how long?
    Staggered 6 years, terms expire February 1st of each odd year and cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms
  97. Who becomes responsible for bringing a animal in during an emergency
    Person who brings the animal in, not the owner
  98. Can an LVT work on someones livestock?
    Not unless under general supervision
  99. Can and DVM not licensed yet practice under a licensed vet?
    Yes must be licensed with state board
  100. Banfield is owned by a business man, can business man tell vet what to do medically?
    No, but if it was vet owned then vet could tell them what to do
  101. When can patient info be released?
    • If persons name is on patient records
    • Written authorization by owner
    • Subpoena
  102. SOP meaning
    Standard operating procedure
  103. Board advisor for TARVT
    David Sessum
  104. President of TARVT
    Sue Allen
  105. Presenters at symposium
    • Valerie Fadok
    • Elizabeth Martinez
  106. Equine dental practioner must be...
    • Licensed 
    • Complete 10 hrs of CE
    • Work under vets general supervision
  107. Catalyst for vet techs to become licensed
    EDP now having to licensed
  108. Can a non-vet use the vets stamp or electronic signature pad for official health document?
    Yes under direct supervision
  109. Vet tech license application fee
  110. How much must vet pay yearly for license?
    $170 plus $200 professional fees
  111. What is the grandfather clause?
    If practice was built before December 31, 2009 and is in a merchant establishment, doesnt have a proper patients entrance, or is controlled by someone other than a vet its allowed
  112. Vet may dispose of animal remains or animal wastes by..
    Burial or burning if not within corporate boundaries, must have either a V-C-P-R, treated/diagnosed patient, or performed euthanasia/autopsy on animal
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