Patient Care -8

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  1. what is a
    distal phalanx, first digit (thumb/ pollex);
  2. what is B
    radial styloid process;
  3. what is c
    proximal phalanx, third digit;
  4. what is d
    ulnar styloid process;
  5. what is e
  6. what is f
    shaft, fourth metacarpal
  7. what is G
    middle phalanx, second digit
  8. what is H
    distal phalanx, fifth digit;
  9. what is J
    carpometacarpal articulation;
  10. what is K
    distal radius
  11. what is L
    lunate/ semilunar
  12. what is M
    distal interphalangeal joint
  13. what is N
    proximal interphalangeal
  14. what is O
    metacarpophalangeal joint
  15. what is P
    shaft, first metacarpal
  16. what is Q
    sesamoid bone
  17. what is R
    metacarpophalangeal joint
  18. what is S
    metacarpophalangeal joint
  19. what is T
    carpometacarpal joint (base of first metacarpal with trapezium/ saddle joint)
  20. what is U
    middle phalanx
  21. what is V
    distal ulna
  22. what is W
    radiocarpal (wrist) joint

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Patient Care -8
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Patient Care

Patient Care -8
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