hand pathologies

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  1. hand pathologies
    • Common Wrist and Hand Pathologies
    • Pages 186-187

    • Colles’ Fracture
    • Smith’s Fracture
    • Ganglion cyst
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Trigger finger
    • Skier’s thumb
    • Gamekeeper’s thumb
    • Ulnar drift
    • Mallet Finger
    • Scaphoid fracture
  2. Colles' fracture
    is a fracture of the distal radius in the forearm with dorsal (posterior) and radial displacement of the wrist and hand Old people fall
  3. Smith’s Fracture
    oppisitte of colles fracture
  4. ganglion cyst
    benign tumor on posterior of wrist
  5. trigger finger
    problem with the sliding mechanism if a tendon in its sheath. finger gets stuck in flexion.
  6. Skier's thumb
    common with athletes. Tear of ulnar collateral ligament o the thumb.
  7. Game keepers thumb
    stretching of ligament. Started from twisted heads off chickens.
  8. Ulnar drift
    ulnar deviation of fingers at MCP joints
  9. Mallet finger
    disruption of the extensor mechanism of the DIP joint.
  10. Scaphoid fracture
    Most common carpal fracture

    results from fall on the outstrectched hand of a younger person
  11. Study nerve picture
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hand pathologies
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