ESL Podcast 1064 – Spotting Trends

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  1. responsible for doing something; assigned with; given a particulartask, job, or duty
    * The bookkeeper is tasked with paying all our bills each month.
    tasked with
  2. to identify something that may be difficult to see or find
    * Biologists recently spotted a butterfly that they thought had been extinct for atleast seven years.
    to spot
  3. something that is becoming popular, especially among young people
    * Some fashion trends are based on what celebrities wore to awards ceremoniesin the previous year.
  4. to go somewhere often or regularly, especially to be a customerthere
    * Brennan frequents this restaurant and knows most of the waiters andwaitresses by name.
    to frequent
  5. a young person who follows all the latest trends, fashions, and fads,especially for clothing, food, and ideas
    * Portland, Oregon is known for having a lot of hipsters who know all the newbands and eats at the most fashionable restaurants.
  6. to spend time with others, relaxing and having fun but without anyreal purpose
    * Do you want to hang out at our place before the show starts?
    to hang out
  7. very difficult and challenging; burdensome
    * Why are tax forms so onerous to understand and to complete?
  8. an influential person whose ideas, appearance, and actions arecopied by many others because they are seen as cool, hip, and interesting
    * Fashion magazines always report what the trendsetters are wearing.
  9. a person who uses a new types of software or a new technologydevice before it is available to the public in order to help the maker identify andcorrect problems before it is sold
    * How many people were used as beta testers for these new headphones?
    beta tester
  10. a person who begins using a new technology very soon after itis made available, when most other people are waiting to see whether it is usefulor beneficial and/or waiting for the price to decrease
    * Camilo is an early adopter who always wants to buy the newest version ofsmart phones, ebook readers, and cameras as soon as they’re introduced.
    early adopter
  11. a person who leads something and/or shows what will happen
    * Houghton is a bellwether of fashion within his local community.
  12. to continue naturally until something has ended
    * Drink lots of fluids and get some rest while your cold runs its course.
    to run its course
  13. to join or support something that is popular andthat many other people are doing
    * Our company needs to jump on the bandwagon and start advertising usingsocial media
    to jump on the bandwagon
  14. a person who is influential and powerful, especially inbusiness
    * A lot of movers and shakers will be at this conference, so be sure to dress welland bring a lot of business cards for networking.
    mover and shaker
  15. to follow someone or something, but at a distance; to moveforward or progress more slowly than others
    * Toward the end of the race, Quentin was really lagging behind.
    to lag behind
  16. popular, hip, cool, and admired by others
    * Kim is asking her parents to buy a pair of those jeans that are in right now, butthey just can’t afford to.
  17. not popular, not hip, not cool, and not admired by others
    * Those sweaters may have been popular last year, but now they’re out. Get ridof them.
  18. intend to do something; to want and plan to do something
    * I meant to call you last week, but then I forgot.
    to mean to
  19. shoes; anything worn on one’s feet
    * Those high-heeled shoes are beautiful, but they aren’t appropriate footwear forsailing.
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