Family Crucible Ch. 2

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  1. What did the father identify as "it" when providing an overview of the family?
    constant conflict
  2. Who is in charge of getting the parents to start fighting?
  3. Who is in charge of getting the parents to stop fighting?
    Don and Laura
  4. Who is the father, David, having an affair with?
    his work
  5. What do most couples attempt to receive in their marriages?
    Something that they could not get from their families and thus potentially hurting the marriage in the long run
  6. How was the tension between Claudia and Carolyn described as?
    a magnet pulling each other in
  7. What was identified to be the real problem for the family?
    their participation in a "family dance" of someone starting a fight with another and so on until everyone is involved
  8. How did the family structure change based on the seat re-arrangement?
    The parents sitting together where the "power" should mutually lie and the children sitting on the surrounding couches for a collective sibling "power"
  9. What was seen as the most serious problem the family had?
    The parents slowly drifting apart leading to a potential divorce (cooling of the marriage)
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