MUS Week 1; Chap 1-5

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  1. Pitch
    Highness or lowness of a sound
  2. Dynamic level
    Level of volume
  3. Frequency
    Rate of a sound wave's vibration
  4. register
    A particular range of pitches
  5. Tone
    Sound with a specific pitch, produced by a constant rate of vibration of the sound-producing medium
  6. Sharp
    Sign indicating that a tone is to be performed one-half step higher than notated
  7. Flat
    Sign indicatinag that a tone is to be performed one half-step lower that notated
  8. Staff
    Five lines and four spaces on which music is notated
  9. Interval
    Distance between two pitches
  10. Octave
    Interval of an eighth, as from C to C
  11. Forte
  12. Piano
  13. Cresendo
    Becoming louder
  14. Decrescendo/ Diminuendo
    Becomng softer
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