Unit 1

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  1. Phases of Compilation-Based Execution
    • 1. Edit
    • 2. Preprocess
    • 3. Compile
    • 4. Link
    • 5. Load
    • 6. Execute
  2. Who invented C?
    Dennis M. Ritchie
  3. History of C
    • -evolved from BCPL and B
    • -C Standard created 1989
    • -2nd standard ratified in 1999 called C99
    • -current C standard informally named C11
  4. 1. Edit
    • - accomplished with an editor program (e.i. Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio have editors integrated)
    • -typed in w/the editor, corrections can be made, and the program is stored on a secondary storage device such as a hard drive
    • -file names should end with .c extension
  5. 2. Preprocess
    • - executes automatically before the compiler's translations phase begins
    • - obeys special commands called preprocessor directives, which indicate that certain manipulations are to be performed on the program before compilation
    • -manipulations usually consist of including other files, performing various text replacements, defining various macros, ect.
    • example:
    • #inlcude <stdio.h>
    • #define <identifier>
  6. 3. Compile
    • - translates C source code into object (machine-language) code and stores it on the dick
    • note: object code is incomplete and not yet executable
    • - object code produced by the compiler typically contains "holes" due to missing parts
  7. 4. Link
    • - holes in object code are resolved here
    • -links the object code with the code for the missing functions to produce an executable image
    • -multiple object files might be combined into one executable file
  8. 5. Load
    • - program must be places in memory before it can be executed
    • - loader takes the executable image from disk and transfers it to memory
    • - additional components from shared libraries are also loaded
  9. 6. Execute
    -Finally, under the control of its CPU, the program executes one instruction at a time
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