Surgery: General pack ID of instruments

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    Adson thumb forceps
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    Rat tooth thumb forceps
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    MAYO operating scissors
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    Metzenbaum Operating Scissors

    Big "Jaw", Denise big mouth
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    Sharp-Sharp Operating Scissors
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    Halstead Mosquito Forceps

    • Inside grooves go all the way (smallest sized)
    • (4)
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    Kelly Forceps

    • Inside grooves go 1/2 way (medium sized)
    • (4)
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    Rochester Carmalt Forceps

    On the inside cross stitch on top followed by straight lines (Largest size)

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    Allis Tissue Forceps

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    Olsen Hegar Needle holders

    Has cutting edge
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    Mayo Hegar Needle holders

    Has no cutting edge
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    Senn Retractor

    Hook on one end and rake on the other end
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    Snook Hook
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    Needle Rack with Spring and assorted Needles
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    Backhaus Towel Clamps

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    Saline bowl
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    Bard Parker Scalpel Handle #3

    Short, thin end used for #10 and #15 blades
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    Grooved Director
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    Laparotomy Pads

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    4X4 Gauze Sponges

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    Bard Parker Scalpel # 4 

    Long thick end used for #20 blade
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    Ferguson Angiotribe

    Blunt ends, on the inside grooved edges and smooth in the middle
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    Crile Forceps

    Like mosquito forceps the grooves go all the way down
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    Sterilization indicator strip
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