Bartending Midterm

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  1. shaking is the method by which you use a cocktail shaker to mix ingredients together and chill them simultaneously.
  2. you can use stir cocktails effectively with a metal or glass rod in a mixing glass.
  3. to extract the most flavor from certain fresh ingredients such as fruits or mint garnishes, you should crush the ingredients with the nuddler on the back end of your bar spoon or with a pestle.
  4. an appropriate way of combining ingredients with others, creating a smooth ready to serve mixture.
  5. the method by which a cocktail or liquor is set alight, normally to enhance the flavor of a drink. it should only be attempted with caution, and for the above reason only, not to simply look good.
  6. Classification of drinks according to the method of preparation
    • straight shot
    • rock drinks
    • highball drinks/ tall drinks
    • stirred drinks
    • blended drinks
    • shaken
    • built(build) drinks
    • floated and layered drinks
    • muddled drinks
    • flaming shots
  7. consideration in creating cocktail drinks
    • flavor
    • color
    • aroma
    • appearance
    • after taste
  8. basic rules & tips in mixing drinks
    • follow the recipe carefully
    • measure the ingredients
    • always use the best ingredients
    • always use fresh clean ice
    • glassware should sparkle
    • serve mixed drinks in chilled glass
    • observe sanitation
    • serve with proper garnish
  9. liquor
    shot glass
  10. cordial/ liqueur
    snifted/ cordial glass
  11. brandy/ codiac
  12. straight liquor or combination of liquors served with ice in a rock glass
    rock drinks
  13. any drinks served in a highball glass or other types of tall glasses
    highball drinks/ tall drinks
  14. drinks are prepared such that the ingredients are first chilled by being stirred in a mixing glass with cubed ice and then strained into a appropriate glass
    stirred glass
  15. drinks are prepared in a blender this is done when a heavy thick mixture is desired
    blended drinks
  16. ingredients and ice are shaken with a cocktail shaker in order to mix heavy ingredients properly
  17. upon serving customers mix the drink by themselves using a provided stirrer/straw/ swizzle stick
    built(build) drinks
  18. use in preparing rainbow or multi-layered cocktail
    floated and layered drinks
  19. adding a layer of liquor or liqueur  or cream on top of drinks
  20. adding many liquors or liqueurs one on top of the other without mixing them
  21. must be well blended/ balanced to create a unique and distinctive flavor of a cocktail
  22. bright colors usually make the drink more attractive
  23. using good aroma juices, liqueurs and flavored syrup create a good and appetizing aroma
  24. using proper glass and right garnish
  25. there must be a nice and long lasting after taste of the drinks that makes the drinker crave for more or well satisfied
    after taste
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