Spanish Conversation #3

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  1. al final
    at the end
  2. al parecer
  3. costar + infinitivo
    to be difficult/ hard to infinitive 
  4. encontrarse en
    to be located, situated in/at
  5. la joya
  6. la orfebrería
    craftsmanship in precious metals
  7. representar
    to represent, depict
  8. respirar
    to breathe
  9. sencillo(a)
  10. varios(as)
  11. tomar(se)
    to drink, intake
  12. tomar
    to take (a form of transportation)
  13. llevar
    to carry, take (someone or something somewhere)
  14. traer
    to bring (someone or something somewhere)
  15. quedar(le) a uno(a)
    to have left
  16. quedarse (en)
    to stay, remain somewhere
  17. quedarse + adjectivo o participio 
    to turn, end up, become
  18. el (la) antepasado(a)
  19. el banco
    bench, bank
  20. contar con
    to be equipped with, have
  21. cumplir (con)
    to fulfill, carry out, so one's duty
  22. los (las) demás
    the others, the rest, everybody else
  23. destacar
    to point out, emphasize, stand out
  24. la esquina
    street corner
  25. la población
    population, city, town
  26. el rincón
    corner of a room
  27. tener en cuenta
    to take into account
  28. la actualidad
    the present time
  29. actualmente
  30. en realidad
    actually, in reality
  31. realmente
    truly, really, actually
  32. la mitad
    half (noun)
  33. medio(a)
    half (adjective)
  34. el medio
    • middle 
    • environment, surroundings 
    • medium, mode
  35. conseguir
    to attain, obtain, get, achieve
  36. dirigirse a
    to address, speak to
  37. disculpar
    to excuse, pardon
  38. fijarse en
    to notice
  39. fingir
    to pretend, feign, fake
  40. ganar
    to win, earn
  41. la limosna
    alms, charity
  42. el (la) mendigo(a)
  43. acultar(se)
    to hide, conceal
  44. pretender
    to intend, try
  45. por lo visto
  46. sonarle a alguien
    to seem familiar to someone, to ring a bell
  47. el (la) usuario(a)
    client, customer
  48. lograr + sustantivo
    to attain, get
  49. lograr + infinitivo
    to succeed in, manage to
  50. tener exito
    to be successful
  51. haber que + infinitivo
    one must, has to, needs to
  52. tener que + infinitivo
    to have, need to
  53. deber (de) + infinitivo
    ought to, should 
  54. necesitar +sustantivo
    to need
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