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  1. updraft
    a current of rising air
  2. insulator
    a substance that does not conduct electricity very well
  3. Both the Bergeron process and the collision coalescence process explain precipitation but they each begin with a different kind of cloud what. kind of cloud does aech theory begin with?
    Bergeron process:cold clouds

    collision process:warm clouds
  4. Which of the 2 theories of percipatation governs the fall of rain from the top of a cumulonimbus cloud? What kind of rain cloud would most likely described by the collision coalescence process?
    Bergeron process

  5. What is the diff between drizzle and rain?
    drizzel is a lighter rain and has very small water droplets
  6. What are the differences between sleet, hail, and freezing rian?

    sleet: solid ice pellets that hit the ground that either pile up or melt **frozen before it hits the ground

    freezing rain: freeze when they hit something solid forming a smooth glaze of ice all over the solid objects

    hail: a larger than normal ice crystal that falls on the earth as a hailstorm ** frozen before it hits the ground
  7. A meteorologist measures the dew point on 2 different mornings. The first morning is very humid and the atmospheric pressure is high. The next day the humidity and pressure have fallen. Which is the dew piot coldest?
    the second day
  8. Name the thre stages of a thunderstorm cell in the order they occur. In each stage indicate whether an updraft ,downdraft or both are present

    • cumulus stage : only updraft and no precipitation    
    • mature stage: downdrafts,updraft, and precipatation
    • dissipation stage: only downdrafts and precipatations
  9. If the heavy rain of a thunderstorm lasts for more than 30 minutes s what can you conclude about this makup?

    this thunderstorm is made up of several cells
  10. Lightning forms as a result of electrical charge imbalance. Where does that charge originate and why does it occur?
    • the charge originates in a cumulonimbus cloud and it occurs when water droplets or ice crystals rub against each other in glancing collisions

  11. Which is responsible for most of the light and sound in a lightning bolt the stepped leader or the return stroke?
    return stroke
  12. Where does thunder in a thunderstorm come from?
    return stroke
  13. Why do lightining bolts tend to strike targets that are high?

    because the positive charges concentrate on those things trying to get close to the negatively charged clouds as possible
  14. Whats the difference  between sheet lightning and a lightning bolt?
    sheet lightning is cloud-to-cloud lightning and lightning bolts come from cloud-to-ground
  15. What kind of cloud is nessisary for tornadoe formation?
    cumulonimbus clouds
  16. L ist the five stages of a tornadoe in order. At which stage is the tornadoe most destructive?
    Whirl stage, organizing stage, mature stage (most destructive ) , shrinking stage, decaying stage
  17. what are 4 classifications that lead in a hurricane? What is used to determine which classification a storm fits in?
    tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane 

    speed of winds

  18. what are conditions in the eye of a hurricane?
    calm , peacful
  19. what causes a hurricane in the southern hemisphere to rotate in a different direction than a hurricane in the northen hemisphere?
    corliolis effect
  20. Using a weather map answere these questions.
    Is the atmospheric pressure in Houston higher,lower, or nearly quivalent to that of Chicago.
  21. Is the atmospheric pressure in Houston higher,lower, or equivalent to that of Atlanta?
  22. Is the occluded front near to san frencisco or Canada?
    San Francisco
  23. At this time map was drawn what city drawn on the map might be experiencing thunderstorms?
  24. Will Atlanta or Inianapolis be in for some warmer weather soon?
  25. What city probably experienced long rains  followed by thunderstorm recently?
    San Francisco
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