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  1. What is the max number of wires that can be tacked on a terminal strip
  2. What is the recommended load for a generator
    Battery must be charged for flight
  3. Concerning terminal strips
    • Vertically
    • Anchored
    • Both <--
  4. What do you do to a ensure a wire bundle does not chafe
  5. What is the recommended spacing between wire bundles and fuel lines
  6. What determines conduit size
    Size of wire bundle
  7. What is the source for initial excitation of the generator and alternator respectively
    Generator = magnetism Alternator = battery
  8. What is the primary source of power
    Generator or alternator
  9. Astute mechanic would look
    In the maintenance manual
  10. What is in appendix D
    100 & annual scope of inspection
  11. What is the purpose of the residual magnetism in a generator
    Provides the lines of flux for the initial startup
  12. What is the purpose of flashing the fields
    Restores proper polarity
  13. Which of the below would be the probable cause if there is zero output from the generator
    Broken drive shaft
  14. How is AC converted to DC in a generator
  15. Oil in generator
    Leaking seal generator to engine
  16. What keeps the points closed on a three unit regulator
  17. What type of circuit breakers does aircraft use
    Trip free
  18. -starter brushes are replaced when?
    Half the original length
  19. Define armature reaction?
    Effect of Secondary Mag Circuit on primary circuit
  20. -Output speed of a CSD is less than input speed?
    Underdrive Condition
  21. -Generator brushes are made of what?
  22. -Disadvantage of a series wound DC generator?
    Difficulty controlling output voltage
  23. -Common wire material?
    Copper with silver
  24. -CSD?
    Regulates Frequency
  25. -Which of the following statements concerning conduit size is true?
    25% larger than O.D. of the wire bundle
  26. -Which of the following statements concerning electrical cable sizes are true?
    Both are true
  27. - Which of the following statements concerning Aluminum Wire are true?
    Both are true
  28. -Max resistance for a bonding strap?
    .003 Ohms (3 Milliohms)
  29. -The output of a DC generator?
  30. -What is used to explain rules for Generators?
    Left Hand Rule
  31. -Most common Generator?
  32. -Output of a DC generator is induced in what part of the generator?
  33. -What could be a result of flush MICA?
    Brush deterioration due to vibration
  34. -What must happen first before AC Generators can be operated in parallel?
    Voltage and Frequency must be equal
  35. -Most effective method for regulating output of voltage on a shunt?
    Vary strength of the field
  36. -Most common armature?
  37. -What is a growler used for?
  38. -CSD Unit purpose?
    Constant frequency output
  39. -Convert A/C generator in D/C?
  40. -Battery Master Switch?
    Provides a path for ground
  41. -Brush arcing can causes?
    Foreign conductive material in the MICA
  42. -What is a relay?
    Electrical switch operated by an electromagnet
  43. -12V Battery relay has an open in the relay coil with the master switch closed what is the result?
    Relay has no path to ground (will not work)
  44. -What is the duty cycle for a starter?
    1 min on 3-5 mins off
  45. -On a vibrator type if the points are stuck closed what is the result?
    Increased voltage/ runaway
  46. -To correct the output of a DC generator?
    Vary magnetic field strength
  47. -Cause of Arcing?
    Weak brush springs
  48. -To correct a malfunctioning generator what must be done?
    Turn the field switch off
  49. -to regulate the output of a DC generator?
    Vary the field strength
  50. -What might the presence of oil in the armature area of a generator indicate?
    Leaking generator to engine oil seal
  51. -when discussing DC generators what does commutation mean?
    The process of changing AC into DC
  52. -what function does the RCCR serve in the 3 unit control panel?
    Prevents the battery from motoring the generator
  53. -what type of motor is generally used for direct cranking engine starters?
    DC series wound
  54. -whats the electrical orientation of the battery master switch?
    Provides a ground to the battery solenoid
  55. -what would be a probable cause of brush arcing in a motor or generator?
    Foreign conductive particles imbedded in the MICA
  56. -what is a relay?
    Electrical switching device operated by an electro magnet
  57. -if a 12v battery relay were to have an open in the relay coil what would be the result?
    No path to ground and relay will not operate
  58. -what would be the most likely cause of an aircraft starting motor not turning over?
    A damaged or corroded connection on the starter
  59. -How is a manually operated type starter is motor actuated?
    Pulling the start lever in the cockpit
  60. -Aircraft use trip free circuit breakers which means?
    A manual operation is required to reset it
  61. -what would be the most likely result if the viberator type points stuck in the closed postion while operating?
    Generator output will increase
  62. -in operation how is a dc generator kept at the correct output while in operation?
    Vary the strength of the stationary field
  63. -what would be the most likely cause of arcing at the brushes and burning of the commutator of a DC generator?
    Weak brush springs
  64. -during normal operation as a generator load increases the voltage will?
    Remain constant, current increases
  65. -how is a lead acid battery checked for state of charge?
    Hydrometer 1.275 – 1.300  @75-85 deg
  66. -if a generator is malfunctioning its output can be reduced to residual voltage by?
    Turning the field switch off
  67. -what is used to regulate the output of a DC generator?
    Vary the strength of the field
  68. -load analysis on an Aircraft will include?
    Landing light, Radios, anti-collision lights, instrument lights
  69. -the generator can be brought on or off line by the use of?
    The field switch
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