Electrical Verbal

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  1. -wire will break when subjected to vibration stranded or solid?
  2. -what 2 things must be considered during selection of wire size?
    Environment, length, voltage drop, type of load\
  3. -what is used to protect the wire bundle from chaffing when passing through hole in a bulkhead or frame
  4. -How are wires protected when they pass through an area oif high temperature?
    Conduit fiberglass insulation
  5. -what is the minimum separation between wires and fluid linbes that carry combustable fluid?
  6. -what is the significance of the color of the solderless connectors that are used in aircraft electrical?
    Size of the wire

    • Red 18-22
    • blue 14-16
    • yellow 10-12
  7. -what is the purpose of the shielding that is used to encase somne electrical wires on aircraft?
  8. -what is used as a rectifier to produce direct current in a DC generator?
    Commutator and brushes
  9. -what is meant by paralleling the generators in a twin engine aircraft?
    You are adjusting the generators so that they share the load equally
  10. -what is meant by flashing the field of a DC generator?
    Restoring residual magnetism and the proper polarity
  11. -what is used to maintain the constant frequency of alternating current that is produced by an AC alternator driven by an aircraft turbine engine?
    Voltage, frequency, and amperage
  12. -does a series wound dc motor have high or low starting torque?
    High torque
  13. Which aircraft electrical circuit does not normally contain a fuse of circuit breaker
    Starter Motor
  14. when removing a battery from an aircraft which connection should be removed first
  15. what is a starter generator
    Serves as a starter and then after startup acts as a generator
  16. when should aircraft wiring be installed in a conduit
    Anywhere that the wire could be subject to damage (wheel wells, Cargo Area)
  17. What causes initial excitation in a DC generator
    residual magnetism
  18. what causes initial excitation in a DC alternator
  19. If the points of a voltage regulator stuck closed what would be the result
    increased output
  20. Which wire can carry more current 16awg or 12awg
  21. Whats the max spacing for wire clamps
  22. how and where is the master switch wired in an electrical system
    creates a ground path to the master solenoid
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