Research Exam 1: Chapter 3

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  1. What type of format is a road map displaying why a study was done, how it was done, and what was found
    Article format
  2. What is credibility
    How well a study was conducted
  3. What is relevancy
    If a study is useable for my patient population
  4. What question do you have to ask yourself when beginning to review a research article. What must the article contain?
    Is this a report of an original research study? All essential elements
  5. What 3 things must a research abstract include?
    Why, How, and What

    specific question/hypothesis > systematic method of data collection and analysis > results/findings
  6. What is included in the format of a study project
    • Title
    • Abstract (<300 words)
    • Intro (research ? or hypothesis)
    • Method
    • Result
    • Discussion/conclusion
    • References
  7. What is a concise, interrogative statement written in the present tense and including one or more variables/concepts
    Research question
  8. What does a research question focus on
    describing variables (phenomena), population studied, and examining testable relationships
  9. What should a research question do?
    • define specific question area
    • reflect/review literature
    • identify potential significance to nursing
    • reflect feasibility of studying research question
  10. What is the attribute or property in which organisms vary
  11. Name two types of variables
    • independent
    • dependent
  12. What type of variable can be manipulated or not manipulated
  13. What type of variable is not manipulated
  14. What is the presumed effect that varies with change
    dependent variable
  15. What has the presumed effect on the dependent variable
    independent variable
  16. What is the PICO model
    • Patient/population/problem
    • Intervention/exposure
    • Comparison
    • Outcome
  17. What is the aim or goal the researcher is hoping to achieve
    Study purpose
  18. What does the study purpose suggest and imply?
    • design
    • level of evidence to be obtained
  19. What is a formal statement of the expected relationships between two or more variables in a specified population that suggests an answer to research questions
  20. Examples of using the PICO method
    • P: head injured infants
    • I: how well S&S present in CT scan
    • C: other clinical findings
    • O: affect identification of drug
  21. What are some purpose words and phrases you will encounter in nursing study reports?
    • Acquire insights about...
    • Understand
    • explore
    • examine
    • describe
    • compare
    • examine relationship between
    • predict
    • test the hypothesis that...
  22. What is it called if a question doesn't have how it will happen in it?
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