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  1. A _____ is an explanation for the cause of behaviors
  2. When a desired goal is blocked and therefore may lead to violent (both mental and physical violence) actions.
    Frustration-Aggression Principle
  3. When a person misjudges the causes of others' behavior due to relying excessively on their disposition and not their situation
    Fundamental Attribution Error
  4. A learned predisposition as to how to respond behaviorally in regards to a particular person or object
  5. Occurs when one's behavior and attitude are in conflict
    Cognitive Dissonance
  6. May be considered the cognitive component of a prejudice
  7. Occurs when a person views members of their group more favorably then members outside of their group
    In-Group Favoritism
  8. Can be exemplified by an individual going along with others because they do not want to stick out
    Normative Social Influence
  9. If an individual has lost control of a situation and then displaces any form of hostility towards another party, ____ has occurred
    Frustration-Aggression Principle
  10. A culturally accepted rule of acceptable behavior in a given environment
  11. If someone is just following orders from who they deem to be an authority figure, they are displaying...
  12. If an individual was to display drastically difference behavior when surrounded by individuals that they do not know, ____ would be displayed
  13. _____ can come in many different forms, as long as the intent to harm another is there
  14. During the film, Anthony (Ludacris) states "You will never see me steal from a black person"
    -This is an example of
  15. Fred (Tony Danza) approaches Cameron (the black movie director) after a particular scene is done being shot. Fred states to Cameron, "Is it just me or did it seem as though Jamal wasn't speaking 'black' enough?" Upon discussing the scene, Cameron decides to re-do the particular scene again, so he doesn't upset Fred. 
    -This is an example of...
    Normative Social Influence
  16. After being pulled over by the two police cars, Cameron decides to step out of the vehicle and begins yelling and making "threatening gestures" to police officers he doesn't know. 
    -This is an example of...
  17. Occurs when Detective Waters ponders whether he should NOT frame the "potentially innocent" white police officer, or frame him and clear his brother's record.
    Cognitive Dissonance
  18. When Jean asks for the locks to be changed again in the morning because she believes the spanish locksmith will sell her key to all of his friends
    -This is an example of...
  19. When Flanagan is trying to persuade Detective Waters to frame the innocent white police officer to clear his brother's record
    -This SITUATION is an example of...
    Social Trap
  20. Upon watching his partner inappropraitely touch a woman during a traffic violation stop, Officer Tommy Hansen requests to be given his own squad car. At first, he is rejected, but then his Lieutenant suggests that he file a report of "uncontrollable flatulence", so that he may be able to have his own car.
    -This is an example of...
    Informational Social Influence
  21. Anthony explains to his car-jacking counterpart (Peter) that it is okay for them to steal scars, but it is wrong for one their acquaintances to steal items from others (more specifically, black people). Upon hearing this, Peter laughs, and says, "What he does is wrong and what we do is right?"
    -Anthony's explanation is example of...
    Self-Serving Bias
  22. Upon meeting Officer Tommy Hansen, the audience think he is a young, respectful, straight-laced individual who is eager to help society and do no wrong. By the end of the film, we find out that he is an individual who has no problem throwing around racial slurs, and even winds up shooting an unsuspecting person at point-blank range in the passenger seat of his car. Even after these events have occurred, some viewers will not change their opinion of Tommy. 
    -Which concept helps explain this?
    Fundamental Attribution Error
  23. When Anthony and Peter are walking out of the restaurant, Anthony is complaining about how the waitress wasn't going to serve them nicely because "black people don't tip"
    After Peter asks how much Anthony left as a tip, Anthony replies with "Nothing"
    -This is an example of...
  24. When Detective Waters was in bed with Ria and he answers the phone. He calls her mexican. She tells him that her parents are from Puerto Rico and El Salvador. She's not mexican.
    Detective Waters says "Who gathered all those different cultures together and taught them all how to park their cars on their lawns?"
    -This is an example of...

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