Urban Close Air Support

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  1. What are the three characteristics that define the urban environment?
    • - Population Density
    • - Structural Density
    • - Special Considerations
  2. Which urban environment characteristic deals with land resources, economic factors, and cultural / social factors?
    Population Density.
  3. Which urban environment characteristic deals with dense, random construction, closed-orderly block, residential areas, high-rise areas, and industrial / transportation?
    Structural Density.
  4. Which urban environment characteristic deals with coastal
    features and waterways, rivers and canals, airfields and other landing sites, subterranean
    features, and cultural and historic areas?
    Special Considerations.
  5. Identify the five types of structural density associated with the urban environment.
    •Type A: Dense, Random Construction

    •Type B: Closed-Orderly Block

    •Type C: Residential Area

    •Type D: High-Rise Area

    •Type E: Industrial / Transportation
  6. Identify the systems used to coordinate and synchronize joint fires that aids airspace
    control systems.
    • - Airspace Coordination Measures (ACM)
    • - Common Geographic Reference Systems (CGRS)
    • - Global Area Reference System (GARS)
  7. Describe mission planning products for effective CAS in an urban environment.
    • - Available maps
    • - Gridded Reference Graphics
    • - Acquisition Tools
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Urban Close Air Support
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