Rotary-Wing Combat Operations

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  1. What are the three main methods to request or receive Army aviation support?
    • - Air Mission Request (AMR)
    • - Operations Orders (OPORDs)
    • - Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs)
  2. What are the three employment methods used by Army attack helicopter battalions?
    • - Continuous Attack
    • - Phased Attack
    • - Maximum Destruction
  3. What are the three types of helicopter modes of firing used during engagements?
    • - Hovering Fire
    • - Running Fire
    • - Diving Fire
  4. Which helicopter mode is any direct or indirect fire engagement conducted when the aircraft is below effective translational
    lift (ETL) (the aircraft can be stationary or moving)?
    Hovering Fire.
  5. Which helicopter mode is any direct or indirect fire engagement from a helicopter in level, forward flight above ETL?
    Running Fire.
  6. Which helicopter mode is a direct fire engagement from a helicopter that is in a diving flight profile according to the aircraft aircrew training manual?
    Diving Fire.

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Rotary-Wing Combat Operations
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Rotary Wing Combat Operations
Rotary-Wing Combat Operations
Rotary-Wing Combat Operations
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