Airspace Coordination Area Development

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  1. What is a three dimensional block of airspace in a target area, established by the appropriate ground commander, in which friendly aircraft are reasonably safe from friendly surface fires?
    Airspace Coordination Area (ACA).
  2. When an ACA is established by airspace control authority on request from Ground Commander, has an effective date / time group, and is inflexible by it Formal or Informal?
  3. When an ACA is established by any maneuver CC, has a short time duration, and can be flexible for the changing battlefield it Formal or Informal?
  4. What are the six characteristics of an effective ACA?
    - Cover ingress, egress, employment and holding

    - Easily identified from air

    - Allow simultaneous arty and CAS

    - Include lateral and vertical limits

    - Simple to put in effect

    • - Deconflicted from known and / or templated
    • threats
  5. What is the "rule-of-thumb" for holding?
    10 NM x 5 NM.
  6. What is the "rule-of-thumb" for ingress/egress?
    10-15 NM x 3 NM.
  7. What is the "rule-of-thumb" for employment?
    3 NM x 5 NM Radius.
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Airspace Coordination Area Development
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Airspace Coordination Area Development
Airspace Coordination Area Development
Airspace Coordination Area Development
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