Biology 40s Exam - Kingdom Protista

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  1. what are characteristics or protists
    • most primitive of eukaryotes
    • have a true nucleus
    • have organelles
    • unicellular
    • autotrophic and heterotrophic
    • asexual or sexual reproduction
    • often found in pond water
    • give rise to other kingdoms
  2. define animal-like protists 'protozoans'
    • amoeba and paramecium
    • amoeba's are amoeboids (or sarcodines)
    • amoeba's can cause amoebic dysentry
    • use pseudopodia for movement and capturing food
  3. define sarodines
    protozoans (amoebas) that move and capture food by forming pseudopods
  4. define amoebic dysentry
    contaminated water causes diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting
  5. how do paramecium reproduce
    • asexually (binary fission)
    • sexually (conjugation)
  6. define plant-like protists
    • euglena and green algae
    • autotrophic
    • have chloroplasts with chlorophyll (used for photosynthesis)
  7. define fungi-like protists
    • slime moulds
    • similar to fungi, live in cool, dark, and moist environments
    • unicellular
    • release spores
  8. define dangerous protists
    • plasmodium
    • animal-like protist carried by mosquito vector and causes malaria in humans
  9. define malaria
    • fever, chills, nausea, flu-like illness, in severe cases coma and death
    • no vaccine,┬ápreventative drugs and mosquito netting can reduce infection
    • mosquito injects sporozoites, take over liver and release merozoites that infect RBC
  10. what are the 3 types of locomotion in kingdom protista
    • cilia
    • flagella
    • pseudopodia
  11. define cilia and example
    • small hair like structure that move together
    • paramecium
  12. define flagella and example
    • large whip-like structure
    • euglena
  13. define pseudopodia and example
    • 'false feet'
    • cytoplasmic streaming that pull the cell forward and used to capture prey
    • amoeba
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