Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection, 2

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  1. When the current through the filament is sufficiently high, the outer-shell electrons of the filament atoms are “boiled off” and ejected from the filament. This phenomenon is known as _________
    thermionic emission.
  2. The filament is embedded in a metal shroud called the ______
    focusing cup
  3. The focusing cup is _____charged
  4. At approximately___ mA and up, only the larger focal spot is allowed because the heat capacity of the anode could be exceeded if the small focal spot were used.
  5. When the projectile electrons from the cathode interact with the anode, more than __% of their kinetic energy is converted into heat
  6. The ____is the area of the anode struck by the electrons from the cathode
  7. The _____ is the area of the target from which x-rays are emitted.
    focal spot
  8. the ____ the focal spot, the better the spatial resolution of the image
  9. The _____ is the actual x-ray source.
    focal spot
  10. some of the electrons bounce off the focal spot and then land on other areas of the target, causing x-rays to be produced from outside of the focal spot These x-rays are called _______
    off-focus radiation
  11. Somatic effects of radiation refer to effects that are manifested
    A -in the descendants of the exposed individual
    B- during the life of the exposed individual  
    C- in the exposed individual and his or her descendants  
    D- in the reproductive cells of the exposed individual
  12. ___ are emitted when an outer-shell electron fills an inner-shell void.
    Characteristic x-rays
  13. _____ are produced when a projectile electron is slowed by the nuclear field of a target atom nucleus.
    Bremsstrahlung x-rays
  14. In the diagnostic range, most x-rays are ______ x-rays.
  15. A change in__or___ results in a proportional change in the amplitude of the x-ray emission spectrum at all energies.
    • mA
    •  mAs
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