1. Integrated Approach 2. End of Nature vs Nurture

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  1. proximate explanations
    • explanations over the course of 1 organisms lifetime
    • how?
    • plumbing and wiring
  2. Ultimate explanations
    • explain of functionality
    • why?
    • progression of the species
  3. 3 requirements for predictions
    • 1. Falsifiable predictions
    • 2. replicable observations
    • 3. parsimony - don't overcomplicate
  4. culture
    traditions or customs that characterize a society
  5. enculturation
    process by which the people's cultural environments influence their beliefs, values and behaviors
  6. participant observation
    living among the people being studied
  7. ethnography
    comparing data collected from multiple cultures
  8. cross species comparisons
    if a functional hypothesis is true about one species' trait, than another species with the same trait must have faced a similar issue

    ex. bugs with horns and deer with antlers
  9. Naturalistic Fallacy
    • error in reasoning that an evolutionary explanation justifies anything or justifies a trait
    • ex. male aggressiveness towards women
  10. 5 Barriers to integrated approach and contradictions
    (cultural and evolutionary)
    • 1. Science&Subjectivity - self correcting predictions, replicable observations, parsimony
    • 2. Proximate vs. Ultimate - multiple explanations are possible at one time
    • 3. Morality and Naturalistic fallacy - evol. does not only perpetuate moral traits, "natural" doesnt always mean "good"
    • 4. Blank Slate - culturally universal traits, specialized learning abilities
    • 5.Nature vs. Nuture - everything is biological
  11. phenotype
    the traits an individual possesses
  12. genotype
    all the genes carried by an individual
  13. Prerequisites for natural selection
    • 1. heritability
    • 2. differential reproduction
    • 3. variation
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