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  1. myelography
    is the general term applied to radiographic examinations of the CNS and structures situated within the spinal canal
  2. how is a myelography performed
    byintroducing contrast media into the subarachnoid space by a lumbar puncture.
  3. the peripheral nervous system consists of what and does what
    • afferent and efferent neurons 
    • brings impulses to and from the periphery
  4. the CNS consist of the ____ and _____
    brain;spinal cord
  5. what is the area of the CNS is found within the cranium
  6. what are the four areas of the brain
    • cerebrum 
    • cerebellum 
    • brain stem 
    • ventricles
  7. what is the largest and uppermost area that is divided into 2 hemispherse (rt & lt)
  8. the cerebrum is connected inferiorly by an area of white matter called
    corpus callosum
  9. the many depressions and spaces of the brain is called
  10. the thicker parts of raised areas of the brain is called
  11. the inner and outer areas of the cerebral cortex is composed of what
    • inner = white matter 
    • outer = gray metter
  12. where are the lateral ventricles located
    within the rt and lt hemispheres of the cerebrum
  13. what is the function of the cerebrum
    provides us with sensory motor and integrative functions associated with the bodys mental and physical activities
  14. what are a of the brain is capable of producing the electrical waves that are monitored on an EEG
  15. where is the cerebellum(hindbrain) located
    behind the brainstem in the posterior cranial fossa
  16. what is the function of the vermis
    coordinating voluntary muscular activity
  17. the two hemispheres of the brain is connected by what
  18. what is the location and function of the brainstem
    • centrally located below cerebellum 
    • Its function is to provide motor,sensory and reflex functions. 

  19. what are the cavities or spaces within the brain called
  20. what connects the lateral and 3rd ventricles
    foramen of monro
  21. what connects the third and fourth ventricle
    aqueduct of sylvius
  22. what connects the 4th vent to the subarachnoid space of the cisterna magna
    • foramen
    • of Magendie
  23. what is csf
    • •is a clear colorless liquid that is
    • similar in appearance to ‘water’. In addition to water, it also contains
    • electrolytes and proteins.
  24. where is csf produced
    • The CSF gets produced and absorbed in varying amounts all over the subarachnoid
    • space.
  25. where does the csf encapsulates
    the brain and spinal cord
  26. the brain and spinal cord are enclosed by 3 continuous layers called
  27. Meninges 
    outermost is called the  
    middle layer is the  
    innermost layer is the
    • duramater
    • arachnoid
    • piamater
  28. what is the space that lies outside of the duramater
    epidural space
  29. where is the subdural space located
    between the dura and arachnoid mater
  30. where is the subarachnoid space located
    between the arachnoid and pia mater
  31. the subarachnoid space is bathed within ____ and is in direct communication with the ventricles of the brain and its surrounding cisterna
  32. what is the widest of the cisterna
    cisterna magna
  33. what is the subarachnoid cisterna
    areas of widening or enlargement in the subarachnoid space.
  34. what is the are used as an alternative puncture site for myelography
    subarachnoid cisterna
  35. the spinal cord extends from foramen magnum - ______
  36. why are myelographs done
    is done for the purpose of demonstrating the extent & site of lesions that are encroaching on the cord and causing pain & loss of mobility to the patient.
  37. when is myelogram contraindicated
    when a patient exhibits signs of intracranial pressure
  38. what is the puncture site for a myelogram 
    If this site is contraindicated due to pathologic condition what is the other option
    • near l3 and l4 
    • cervical puncture or cisternal puncture
  39. what is the position of the patient for an myelogram
  40. what contrast is used for this study myelo
    nonionic water soluble iodine basd media
  41. what space creates csf
    subarachnoid space
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