Geography Volcanoes

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  1. volcano
    place on a planet where some material from the inside of the planet makes its way through the planet's surface
  2. magma
    fluid molten rock, part solid, part liquid, part gas
  3. hotspot
    plume shape 500-1000 km wide between plate
  4. magma chamber
    when the upward pressure is exceeded by the downwards pressure, magma collects in magma chambers
  5. plinian eruption
    • -high magma viscosity
    • -towering, sustained plume
    • -fast flowing lava
    • -very disruptive
    • -lots of pyroclastic material
  6. hawaiian eruption
    • -not very destructive
    • -not much pyroclastic material
    • -sluggish flow of low viscosity lava
    • -can be a fire fountain
  7. strombolian eruption
    • -not very dangerous
    • -high viscosity magma
    • -loud sounds
    • -not very much lava
    • -small eruption
    • -no lava flows
  8. fissure eruption
    • -no gas pressure
    • -lava breaks through a crack and flows
    • -curtain of lava spewing out
    • -large flow of slow moving lava
  9. caldera
    large crater shaped basins that form when eruptions drain a magma chamber and the volcano collapses into the empty space
  10. active
    if the volcano erupted recently (200 years ago) then it is considered active and could explode again
  11. dormant
    if it erupted before historic times but within 10000 years ago it is considered dormant
  12. extinct
    if a volcano has no magma supply or it has not erupted for more than 10000 years it is considered extinct
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