geography precipitation

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  1. orographic
    1. wind pushes warm, moist air onshore (windward)

    2. air mass hits mountain barrier and is forced up

    3. air cools and moisture condenses to from clouds. precipitation falls on the windward side.

    4. dry air descends the leeward side and warms up. it removes moisture causing "rain shadow"
  2. frontal
    1. cold, dense, dry air mass hits less dense, warm, moist air mass forcing it up

    2. as air mass rises, it cools. condensation forms clouds and precipitation.

    3. moisture falls through cold air below to cool the earth's surface
  3. convectional
    1. sun's energy heats the earth

    2. earth heats the air above it causing it to rise ("convection")

    3. air cools and moisture condenses to form clouds

    4. precipitation falls back to earth
  4. types of precipitation
    • rain
    • snow
    • dew
    • frost
    • hail
  5. air facts
    • -warm air is lighter than cold air
    • -warm air holds more moist than cold air
    • -water holds heat longer than land does
    • -air cools as it rises
    • -when air passes over water, it picks up moisture
  6. reasons that air may rise
    1. it is forced up by mountains 

    2. it absorbs heat from the earth's surface

    3. it is pushed up by a cooler denser (heavier) air mass
  7. air pressure
    • -air has weight = air pressure
    • -low pressure:
    •     -warm air rising
    •     -bad weather
    • -high pressure
    •     -cold air falls towards earth
    •     -good weather
    • -When a pressure goes from high to low = STORM
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