Two Key Body Systems

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  1. Cardiovascular

    How is maintains homeostasis?
    • Distributes nutrients¬†
    • Rids body of waste

    Helps to maintain cells, tissues and organs of the body that carry out other vital homeostatic functions
  2. Cardiovascular

    One disorder?
    • Myocardial infarction
    • Heart attack caused by blood clot in a coronary artery
    • Decreases blood flow and oxygen to heart muscle, sometimes killing the cells
  3. Cardiovascular

    How does disorder upset homeostasis?
    Reduces the ability of the heart to distribute blood throughout the body, which is essential for homestasis
  4. Respiratory

    How it maintains homeostasis?
    • Regulates concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood and body tissues
    • helps control the pH of blood and tissues
    • Supports other homestatic organs
  5. Respiratory

    One Disorder?
    • Tuberculosis
    • Infectious disease spread through the air
    • If untreated, causes "cavities" to develop in the lungs, which can get infected and turn into abscesses
    • can result in difficulty in breathing
  6. Respiratory

    How disorder disrupts homeostasis?
    Tuberculosis can cause increased difficulty in breathing, which is important in many homeostatic functions
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