phrasal verbs

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  1. make sense
    add up

    I'm afraid your story just doesn't add up.
  2. consider when making a plan
    allow for

    You haven't allowed for the cost of all the materials.
  3. confirm the truth
    bear out

    The police investigations didn't bear out the victim's claim.
  4. lose control of one's emotions
    break down

    A friend of the dead man broke down and wept when he told how he found the body.
  5. stop doing sth
    break off

    She broke off their conversation to answer her mobile phone.
  6. come to an end
    break up

    The meeting broke up in confusion.
  7. when a war of disease begins
    break out

    Fighting has broken out on the southern border of the country.
  8. cause to happen
    bring about

    The digital revolution has brought about profound changes in our society.
  9. cause an illness to start
    bring on

    Tom claimed that the dusty room had brought on a severe attack of asthma.
  10. cause a problem for (yourself)
    bring on/upon

    I sympathize with your problem, but really, you brought it on yourself.
  11. publish, release
    bring out

    David is bringing out a new DVD next summer.
  12. persuade someone to agree
    bring round

    I argued with her all day, but couldn't bring her round to my point of view.
  13. mention
    bring up

    I'd like to bring up another matter, if I may.
  14. increase in size (negative)
    build up

    Tension between the rival groups has built up over the past few weeks.
  15. order up
    order into military service

    A week after the war started, Jim was called up.
  16. complete a plan
    carry out

    Please make sure you carry out these instructions.
  17. become popular
    catch on

    Camera phones have really caught on lately.
  18. happen
    come about

    Many positive changes have come about as a result of his efforts.
  19. in the end be a matter of
    come down to

    In the end, this problem comes down to overpopulation.
  20. receive blame, criticism etc
    come in for

    The Governmentąs proposals have come in for a great deal of criticism.
  21. inherit
    come into

    Sarah came into $20 million when her grandfather died.
  22. take place successfully
    come off

    Everyone is hoping that the new plan will come off.
  23. appear, be published
    come out

    Her new book comes out next month.
  24. when a problem happens
    come up

    I'm going to be home late. Something has come up.
  25. be as goog as (one's expectations)
    come up to

    The restaurant didn't come up to our expectations.
  26. think of an idea, plan etc
    come up with

    Sue has come up with a really good idea.
  27. rely on
    count on

    You can count on me for support at the meeting.
  28. happen, appear unexpectedly informal
    crop up

    The same names kept cropping up during the investigation.
  29. abolish
    do away with

    The school decided to do away with uniform, and let pupils wear whatever they liked.
  30. manage without
    do without

    I can't do without a cup of coffee when I get up. It's essential.
  31. prepare a plan or document
    draw up

    The lawyers are drawing up the contract.
  32. come to a stop
    draw up

    The police cars drew up outside the door.
  33. visit informal
    drop in

    Do drop in if you're in the area.
  34. fall asleep
    drop off

    Several people at the back of the hall had dropped off and were snoring.
  35. finish in a certain way or place
    end up

    We missed the bus and had to walk, and ended up getting home at 4:00 am.
  36. use after all else has failed
    fall back on

    His father persuaded him to finish college so he would have something to fall back on.
  37. fall in love with
    fall for (someone)

    Kate has fallen for George's brother.
  38. be deceived by
    • fall for
    • Harry fell for the oldest trick in the world.
  39. quarrel with
    fall out (with)

    Paul and Jim have fallen out again.
  40. when a plan ar arrangement fails
    fall through

    We thought we had agreed to buy the house, but the deal fell through.
  41. be included in a plan
    fit in with

    I'm afraid your suggestion doesn't fit in with my plans.
  42. make others inderstand
    get across

    Chris has some great ideas, but can't always get them across.
  43. suggest meaning
    get at

    What exactly are you getting at? I don't inderstand.
  44. start to deal seriously with
    get down to

    It's time you got down to some serious work.
  45. avoid punishment
    get off

    Terry was charged with murder, but her lawyers managed to get her off.
  46. approach a time, age or number
    get on for

    It's getting on for six, so it's time we were going.
  47. make progress
    get on

    How are you getting on in your new job?
  48. finish something unpleasant
    get over with

    I always try to get my homework over with as quickly as posible.
  49. find time to do
    get round/around to

    I'll try and get round to writing some letters later.
  50. do something you shouldn't do
    get up to

    What are the children getting up to in the garden?
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