Chp 2 - Ojo!

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  1. Pensar
    Means to think
  2. pensar en
    • To have general thoughts about someone or something.
    • Pienso en mi novio 
    • "I am thinking about my boyfriend"
  3. pensar de
    • Indicates an opinion or point of view, usually used in questions. 
    • "Qué piensas de mi familia?
    • "What do you think about my family?"
  4. Pensar que
    • Pensar que is used to answer pensar de. 
    • "Pienso que es una familia divertida" 
    • "I think it's a fun family"
  5. consiste en
    • "Consist of" 
    • "La clase consiste en ejercicios prácticos. 
    • The class consists of practical exercises
  6. Depender de
    • To depend on
    • "Dependen de sus hijos económica y emocionalmente."
    • They depend on their children financially and emotionally.
  7. enamorarse de
    • To fall in love
    • "se enamoró de la hija unos exiliados chilenos"
    • "He fell in love with the daughter of Chilean exiles"
  8. cararse con
    • To marry (with)
    • Mi abuelo se casó por segunda vez con una rusa. 
    • My grandfather got married for the second time to a Russian woman.
  9. soñar con
    • To dream about
    • "Soñó con su espose muerto."
    • She dreamed about (of) her dead husband.
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