Geog 110 ch5

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  1. Cntrlty ( centrality)
    functnl dominnc f cties wthin an urbn systm. cities with a disprportnly large share of national economic , political and cultural activities have a high degree of centrality within an urbn systm. megacities of different countries have more in common with each other than  cities of different sizes in the same country.
  2. clonial cties
    in an effort 2 estblsh ecnmc n pltcl cntrl ovr cntnntl ntriors, clonial cties wr stblshd or dvlpd as cntrs f admnstrtn, pltcl cntrl and commrc
  3. cntainriztn
    Cntainriztn- systm f intrmodal freight transport using intermodal cntainers also calld shipping cntainrs, satelite links and containerization made it possible for labor intensive parts of the prdctn prcess 2 b lcatd n cities of less develpd cntries at the same time the head offices of cmpanies could remain in largest cities of developed cntries.
  4. DT- demgrphc trnsitn
    trnsitn frm high birth n dth rates to low brth and dth rtes as a country dvlps frm a pre industrial to n ndstrialzd ecnomic systm.
  5. dpndncy thry
    th notion tht resources flow frm th priphery f poor and undrdvlpd stts to a core of wealty sttes
  6. economies of scale
    th cost advantages that entrprises obtain due to size output or scale of operatin, with cost decreasing with increasing scale, as fixed costs r r spread out ovr more units of output. WALMART COSTCO big buisness
  7. FTZ free trade zone or EPZ export processing zone
    geographic area where goods may b landed, handled manufactured, reconfigured, and rereexported  without the intrvntn f the customs authorites. a region where a group of cntris has agreed to rduc or eliminate trade barriers.
  8. megacity
    a very large city of 10 mill or more characterized by primacy and cntrality wthin its ntnl economy. also used by manuel castells as place as where people are globally conected.
  9. mdrniztn thry
    used 2 explain th prcess f mdrniztn within societies. transformation from trditnl sciety or underdvlped sciety to modern sciety.
  10. newly industrialized economies NIE
    brazil,mexico, taiwan, singapore, south korea, Jakarta
  11. Transnational corporation TNC
    similar to multinational corporation, a company that ngags in productn, distributn, and marketing that span interntnl boundries. TNCs hav the pwer to coordinate and control the operatios in several countries.
  12. underdevelopement
    when resources r not used to thier full socio economci potential  with the result that local or regional  developement is slower in most cases than it should be.
  13. urban bias
    political economy argument according to which economic developement is hampered by groups who, by thier central location in urban areas are able to pressure governmnets to  protect their interests.
  14. urbanization by implosion
    growth and expansin of cities of favelas
  15. world system theory
    multidisciplinary macro scale approach to world history and social change emphasizes the world system as the primary unit of social analysis. 

    World system refers to the interregional and transnational division of labor which divides the world into core countries.
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