AHSC 311 week 4

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  1. Men are often will to help to improve women's status but they can't or wont support what?
    The idea of lessening mens staus
  2. As a white person I have been taught about racism as something that puts others at a disadvantage been had also been taught what?
    Not to see one of its corollary aspects, white privilege, which puts me at an advantage.
  3. After the realization that men work from a base of unacknowledged privilege, the author understood that much of their oppressiveness was _______.
  4. A- Whites are often taught that their lives are morally neutral, average and also ideal. So when whites work to benefit others this is seen as work that will allow what?  

    B- And we can see how obnoxious this same attitude can be in ______.
    A- that will allow THEM to be more like US.

    B- And we can see how obnoxious this same attitude can be in MEN.
  5. The "white" author Peggy McIntosh came up with 46 different special circumstances which she did not earn but has been made to feel are hears by birth, citizenship and by virtue of being a conscientious "normal" person of good will. By contrast her African American co-workers and friends and acquaintances can not count of most of these privileges. Please name a few of them.
    46 "white" privileges  Begin on page 74

    • 1 whites can arrange to in the company of other whites most of the time.
    • 2 Whites can avoid spending time with races they mistrust
    • 3 If I move I can  be pretty sure I can purchase or rent property in an area I would want to live an 4 I can be pretty sure my new neighbors will be neutral or pleasant towards me.
    • 5 I can go shopping most of the time, pretty well assured I wont be followed or harassed.
    • 6 I can turn on the TV or open a newspaper and see my race widely represented.
    • 11 I can be casual about whether or not to listen to another women's voice in a group where she is the member of her race.
    • 12 i can go into a supermarket and find staples that fit my cultural traditions.
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