Endomembrane System and Cell Surfaces

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  1. Endomembrane System
    • includes nuclear envelope, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi, lysosomes, vacuoles, secretory vesicles, and plasma membrane
    • Communicate through exocytosis and endocytosis
    • Network of membrane bound organelles
  2. Cell Wall
    • Has multiple functions
    • Thickness and chemical composition differs from species to species among cell types within a plant
    • In plants, it protects the cell, maintains its shape, prevents excessive uptake of water, and supports the plant against the force of gravity
  3. Parts of the Cell Wall
    • Primary Cell Wall
    • Middle Lamella
    • Secondary cell wall
    • Plasma Membrane
    • Plasmodesmata
  4. Primary Cell Wall
    Plant flexibility
  5. Middle Lamella
    Glues adjacent cells together with sticky polysaccharides
  6. Secondary Cell Wall
    Provides Protection and support
  7. Plasmodesmata
    Channels between adjacent cells
  8. Extracellular Matrix (ECM)
    • Main ingredients are glycoproteins secreted by the cells
    • Most abundant ingredient is collagen
  9. Collagen
    • Most abundant ingredient in the ECM
    • Forms strong fibers outside the cell
    • Embedded in a network of proteoglycans
  10. Fibronectin
    Attaches ECM to integrins
  11. Integrins
    • Receptor proteins in plasma membrane
    • Can transmit stimuli between the cell's external and internal environment
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